• DannoTheManno88

    Cute and smart – that's a dangerous combo for any parent.

  • Khmer

    Go to Cambodia or Vietnam and the beggars will ask you for money 4-5 languages. My trick was to speak English with such a really heavy southern accent so that they couldn't identify the language and assume I spoke one they weren't familiar with.

  • Cpt Obvious

    Try 20 😀

  • Dave

    Since I started Fitness Made Simple by John Basedow last week, I can now speak 27 languages fluently, I grew 4 inches and am down to 3% body fat.

  • Chiveboy

    I guess the father is French and the mother is Spanish. The parents communicate in English. Mystery solved.

    • SpaceCowboy

      The father has an accent, he's not french, but i couldn't find where he's from.

      • whodafuk

        he could be from morroco or some north african country.

  • IrishInNJ

    Really not that amazing. A child's brain can absorb and learn multiple languages much easier than an adult. I have cousins who speak Malay, French, English and Swahili without a problem.

    • rob


  • Tillman61

    She's a smart, cute little cookie. I wish we retained that learning ability to that extent all our lives.

  • Lang

    Agreed. Nothing special there, especially for homes where parents are multilingual. My 3 year old speaks English and French equally well and is learning Spanish. On top of that, she's being introduced (and can already count in) other languages including Russian, German, Italian and Mandarin.

  • Someone

    Come to Luxembourg. 4-5 languages is standard here 🙂

  • ThatJuanGuy

    I'm mexican, took French in high school, and she still speaks both languages better than me. Well thanks for making me feel inadequate this morning.

  • Johnnychingas

    That's pretty cool…looks like I have a lot of work to do with my 2 year old, she only knows English and Spanish.

  • Morten Friis

    My 2 (soon to be 3) year old nephew knows Danish, German and Spanish (my sister is Danish like me, her husband German, and they live in Spain). They agreed that they would only address him and his sister (just recently turned 1) in their own native tongue, so it would be easier for them to separate the languages (in school/kindergarten, the teachers are obviously only speaking Spanish to the kids).

    • Morten Friis

      Also, please note that this comment was not an attempt to make this girls achievement seem any less impressive – I'm hugely jealous of my nephew and this little girl (I'm sure my nephew will add English to his list of languages in due time). It was merely to explain one possible scenario that could lead to proficiency in three different languages at such an early age.

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  • bekkison

    Fake!!! Kids don't ask for carrots!

  • Canucks_Rule

    i could do that, but i don't wanna.

  • J.P.

    3 languages, imo, only seems to be an amazement to the U.S. and maybe a few other countries.

    Most places speak two languages, their native, and english. This is mainly because throughout history people learn a foreign language for commerce. So, most of the world is bi-lingual to a fairly large scale. So, to be tri-lingual isn't too big of a deal.

    When I was in high school learning german we had german exchange students, and looked at how their school curriculum played out. They had german, english, latin, and as their "second' language as french and/or spanish. Their 'periods' were shorter, but more intensive.

    I speak 2 language quite well, 2 more descently, and can understand 6, simply by exposing myself to other languages and putting in modest effort. This young lady is quite adept, no doubt, but you all can achieve this as well 🙂

    • FredBastardo

      "I speak 2 languages quite well" Languages not language.

      The word is "decently" not descently. Try to be a little more adept and get over yourself.

  • ShadowChiver

    And she is not Chinese! Take that !

  • yermon

    all asian speaks 2-3 languages, at least, and im talking about languages, not like spanish and english which u can guess half of the words.

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