The KCCO’s are back! Including long sleeve KCCO’s!

kcco lead1 The KCCOs are back! Including long sleeve KCCOs!

After being sold out for months, The KCCO’s have returned to theCHIVERY! All of our shirts are now custom cut and sewn right here in the USA. We really did put a ton of work into making the perfect t-shirt. With the gold foil label and QR codes, the shirts are impossible to forge.

And we know y’all have been waiting for this… the super-soft KCCO Hoodies are back in men’s and women’s sizes. It’s like wearing a hug.

The KCCO Tee (including the new long sleeve) available RIGHT HERE.

Green and Black KCCO Hoodies available RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: All men’s and women’s sizes SOLD OUT.

  • Matt Muntner

    Got mine! BAM! 😀

    • billyboy

      got mine just in time.

  • Question_Mark_

    Got mine! Woo!! KCCO

  • lando

    gotta be fast this time

    • ezza

      that's what she said…!!!!

  • jennifer

    just in time for the ATL meetup

  • Raptor1720

    Got mine!!

  • Alex

    Grabed a green hoodie and the new "No Worries" t-shirt. KCCO! and good luck everyone!

  • Chiver

    Got a Long Sleeve and a Hoodie 3 minutes early!

  • eric

    Be sure to check out the bookshelf,, although i can't talk about it……

    • Steve Grenier

      I wonder if they're using the new style for those yet.

      • eric d

        I ordered one 2 or three days ago so hopefully lol

        • Steve Grenier

          Let me know if they are. I've wanted to order another for awhile but want to make sure it's the new style.

  • tbjacobs

    Finally got a Hoodie!

  • Michael

    Collection is growing@

  • John Frm Ft Wrth TX

    I have never had trouble getting any of theChive gear I wanted. Again, got the Green Hoodie to go with my Black Hoodie! But Brace Yourselves….the complaining "chivers" are coming….

    • Steve

      They're only one comment page away…

  • kenny

    Finally a black hoodie and a long sleeved KCCO! Awesome!

  • Kato

    Package secured. Prepare for extraction.

  • Jimmy

    Boom and done!!

  • Joey K

    Green hoodie acquired. Life is good.

  • CallMeMaybe

    When are the Irish KCCO's coming?

    • Alex

      I definitely have to grab one of those!

  • younsee

    Long and short sleeve KCCO. Score.

  • Brett

    Got mine. Hell ya

  • Saul

    Yeah!!! Got my Green and Black hoodie!!!! KCCO!!!

  • Patrick

    Put one in my cart at 2:00 CST, checked out and it was out of stock. WTF?????

    • Chiver

      Welcome to the Chivery

    • Jmstan

      Same thing happend to me also.

    • Fonz

      Bro, this shit is serious. The chive sales are like the ultimate black friday event every time. Same thing happened to me the first two…survival of the fastest.

  • some-dude

    Hope the XL hoodie isn't too big for me!

    • Chiver

      Throw it in the dryer for a bit, should get smaller if you need it to.

  • Yak

    Done. His n Hers Tees and hoodies on the way to the UK.

  • Jake

    Disregard life; Acquire Chive gear!

  • Please

    Got a black hoodie, kept getting error on shirt even though I went for it first. Weird

  • Dan

    Got Me and the GF The Green KCCO Hoodys

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