How far 200 calories goes with various foods (37 Photos)

Via Imgur

  • Tiber_Septim

    #10 BACON! – not enough, sad

  • AstroMikeDexter

    #34 Some weird looking peppers there, Bob.

    • Chris

      sign full of WTF

      • SpotJohnny

        I was thinking the same thing or Motivational Poster: Onions – The new mini peppers

    • Silverstone

      Kinda makes you wonder what else Bob got wrong!?!?!?

    • kidn

      close enough

  • CD3

    the only thing i got out of this is hunger

    • Goldielocks

      you can eat a GIGANTIC plate of celery!

  • Fatty

    Interesting… Better get me some Splenda and celery

    • this guy says


  • @PeruvianWhite

    #34 Mini Peppers?!?

  • teslawasrobbed

    It's weird how this gallery makes me feel hungrier than the foodporn galleries.

  • K-O

    That's a lot of dishes to do.

    • flosen_one

      that´s what she said!

  • Ander

    Someone doesn't know how to spell "avocado."

    • blueberry

      Someone also doesnt know how to spell "red onion".

  • Anthony

    Go home #34. You're drunk.

    • Bryan Vickers

      red onions thinking there peppers…yummy

  • homichae

    I was definitely surprised both ways with that. It was some serious *sunglasses* food for thought.

    • Mackin


  • Hero_Status

    Nearly sure some aint correct

  • bob

    #19 Celery is NOT food.
    You use more calories eating it than you actually get from it —– THAT'S EXERCISE!!

    • @frozenbubble

      My leek is your celery

    • David

      So when I throw it into the processor while making a smoothie it takes more than 200 calories when drinking?

      DAMN! I gotta rethink my foods now!

  • EZEE

    Just do P90X. I eat 7 times a day and have 8% body fat.

    • Andy Valentine

      Approximately the same here

      • This Guy

        ^Get a room

    • Sarcastiball


    • Dick

      Do you butt chug your own semen for desert?

    • Sore foot

      Do you even lift, bro?

    • Chris

      I have a job.

  • Andy Valentine

    Do the same with sugar, THEN you'll see where the issues are

  • Dick

    Here's a thought: Who gives a fuck?

  • Janus

    someone likes jack in the box

  • coop

    #33 Thats roughly how much i put in my mouth at one time…they should make doritos serving sizes in quantities of bags….

    • Bobestradamus

      That's approximately all you get in a bag

  • Grabcu

    How about that… so many plates of different foods and still only 200 calories 🙂

  • Steve

    Just say it… THIS IS WHY YOUR FAT>..

    • chivette


  • Daily News, Mon, Feb 18

    […] far 200 calories goes with various […]

  • Riff Raff

    Splenda is pure effing poison

    • Clucker

      Its actually almost pure sugar. Total scam.

  • ImpressMe

    Splenda…tested on little Beagles who were then killed to see how bad it had blown up their organs. Fact.

    • Obecny

      still better than testing it on humans

    • ura douche nozzle

      WGAF, fact!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #9 – weirdest fucking post in a while chive. that being said, someone's gonna be rolling with the ring of fire.

    • Guest

      These are Mini bell peppers no heat at all

      • Canucks_Rule

        *the more you know*

  • keith21541


    I'll eat my candy
    With the pork and beans
    Excuse my manners
    If I make a scene

  • Brendan

    #16 I call BS!

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