Photo manipulation by Erik Johansson (32 Photos)

These photos via the whiz Erik Johansson, a 24 year old Swedish photographer who excels in all things photography.

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    • mook

      Yeah, nothing like copying other artist work and calling it your own…

      Oh wait that is called stealing.

  • Andrez

    i wish i was half good

  • Irwin109

    Awesome gallery but – #2 – Why would you kneel down to flush the loo?

  • anystranger

    Daamn, i so hoped for the #7 to be genuine, not photoshopped.

    • Robbo

      # 7 isn’t photoshoped, I see them do that all the time on the roads around where I live

  • top dog

    Hey, #1…go for it. You can make!!

  • Osborn from WI

    Simply awesome.

  • James


  • Equalizer

    #23 – from the movie UP

  • Wikus.the Dickus

    all this with photoshop?

  • Mattythegooch

    Salvador Dali had skills….this duder, Meh.

  • at work

    this guy is amazing

  • Fail Rater

    #7 is totally photoshoped i can see the pixels

  • HellHathNoFury

    24 was needed, seeing as a woman who’s sure all that glitters is gold already bought the stairway in 12, according to Led Zeppelin. *crickets chirping*
    Copy M.C. Escher much?

  • Nizati

    Epic. I think these are awsome. XD

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