Chivettes, ‘Sexy Chivers’ goes live tomorrow

Thanks to all of our Global Chivettes who blew up the internets last week. Sexy Chivers Among Us has become one of the most popular posts on the internet today. But the SC is nothing without our Chivettes! As usual, creativity will be rewarded.

: Grab your camera (phone) and write ‘Hi Chivers’ on a sign or some part of your body (be as creative as you like). Then use our handy-dandy upload page to send pics to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. Let’s have some fun this week. Above all: Be Creative!
Chive On!


p.s. – If you’re a first-time Chivette on the fence of submitting, it’s time to take the leap. Do it for your country!

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  • tiner dancer

    i dance for a living. i can get half-naked and creative no problemo 🙂

    • Jak

      Is a pole or table involved?!

      • Henrik

        Or maybe a massive bath tub!

    • financial aids

      awesome. oneadayporno(dot)com

      • is this thing on?

        nobody likes you

  • missy

    just lost 4 lbs (thank patty). time to shed some clothing

  • Shane

    Uh-mazing eyes!

  • Miguel

    #1 Stunning eyes! MOAR!

  • aosux

    Her eyes are so amazing I just clicked subconciously.

  • kiss_or_kill

    I would…but apparently a girl can't get a picture on here for nothing unless they are showing some titties and ass. I'll just enjoy everyone else's 😛

    • dasuperfan

      you don't have to show it all but it is called "sexy chivers" and I'm pretty sure no one ever looked at a picture of a girl with winter pants,a parka and helmet on and thought to themselves "damn now that is sexy".

      • ClariseStarling


        though, i guess that she's not wearing the parka

        • dasuperfan

          yeah def. not fapping to that picture… infact i think it will be haunting my nightmares for the next few weeks

          • Guest

            that's cause you're gay

      • kiss_or_kill

        …can't really argue with you there haha

        • Tj Huddleston

          I think as long as you send in that pretty face of yours with a nice smile, Im sure you will get posted ; )

          • kiss_or_kill

            well aren't you sweet 🙂

      • DistractedIndividual

        Challenge Accepted!!!!!

    • Niki

      um #1 no titties and ass. Boom.

      • doublek

        Actually, I am a size 5, with 34DD's! 5'7, 123lbs

  • Brendan

    Eyes so perty can't resist…………..fapppity, fap fap

  • ClariseStarling

    She's stunning.

    Please, sir, I want some moar.

  • Dylan

    challenge accepted! 😉

  • myself

    OMG, i'm in love….she is just…great!!!!no words to describe her….

  • destro

    love her eyes

  • rocknroll

    gimme a real girl – this one is almost photoshopped beyond being real. Not even a curve on her face to be found

    • Nem

      some people have skinny faces, get over it

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    • thegrinningcrow

      WOW this is so great. I'm so glad I found this. Hooray for the global free market.

      • fuzzybeard2016


  • Tofu_Ninja

    Dammit Chive! Give me back the 2 hours I used staring into her eyes.


    If they had all of these submissions they said last week they wouldn't be asking for new ones.

  • Caprica_Six

    Alrighty then… let's get creative! 😀

  • equalizermax

    I like pictures of girls in the kitchen

  • LonelyAirman

    I just like Chivettes. Ok, so I like one rather more than the rest…but I still like 'em all quite a bit.

    • Guest

      Stalk much?

  • neXx

    – holy crap shes beautiful.

  • tora azure

    she is uber-pretty,look at those eyes! pretty woman how can i reach you! all i want is ur name!! pls, pls, hit me at torazure@yahoo.com. i will be waiting!

  • luckyguy

    and now how about some more beauties? to go http://www.oneadayporno.com


      WARNING: that 'pornsite' installs AntiVirus Pro, a hard to remove FAKE anti-virus program that nags a lot ("pay to get non-existent viruses removed") on your computer. DO NOT OPEN THE LINK!!

  • amrighturwrong

    Chutiye ho tum sab.

  • Dante

    I want to see more of # 16 on friday…. https://thechive.com/2011/04/15/there-are-sexy-chi

    • #16

      Sorry, didn't make it this week either 🙁 maybe they will use the pictures I sent next week…..

      • Dante

        I'm out-of-town and with not much time to spend online, I just found a little time to ''Chive''….I was expecting to see more of you….I'm kind of disappointed…:S I'm more curious to see you now that I've talked to you….I'll keep asking for you….;) Thanks for informing me if you're on the post. Best wishes..

        • Lara_Croft

          Well this week I'm obviously not on it either since there's no post. Btw, this is my new profile, I figured I would need one since I'm actively Chiving now 🙂

          • Dante

            Still disappointed….:S I've done my part, sending requests about you to TheChive…..I hope they will take a look at them…I must congratulate you again since you must have graduated up until now…Good luck for what's coming up next. Hope to ''see'' more of you. Chive on sexy Chivette…

            • Lara_Croft

              Well thank you very much! I actually finished my last final today and graduation is in the morning 😀 I'll continue to submit my pics in the hope of making it soon!

              • Dante

                You can send some good pics from your graduation ceremony and party….;) BTW Lara was one of my favourite as a kid…Really want to see more of your smoking hot body and hopefully a lovely smile.

                • Lara_Croft

                  She's my favorite gaming character! Maybe I'll just send a pic in costume next time. I've been told it looks good 😉

                  • Dante

                    I bet you'll look amazing. it's hard to go wrong with Lara-costume. Most people like cosplay, especially the sexy type…:p

                    • Lara_Croft

                      If my last pics don't make sexy chivettes then I will definitely submit the Tomb Raider pics… although they are from Halloween… still hot tho 😉

                    • Dante

                      I can only imagine…;)…. Can't wait to see your pics….your last one was soooooooooo good. could easily use it for my screensaver to make me smile…:p

                    • Dante

                      Hello Lara, are you on today's post?

                    • Lara_Croft

                      No 🙁 and I won't have internet for awhile after this so the next chance I will have to submit a pic might not be for another month or two… going without the chive has been driving me crazy! But I will keep submitting… maybe one day soon they will think my pics worthy

                    • Dante

                      It's a shame you didn't make it, but from what I saw from the comments, there are others that didn't make it too….I had a pic posted on "Chive Everywhere"…. Hope to ''see you'' soon….

                    • Lara_Croft

                      I noticed it… very nice 😉 would have said something sooner if not for the lack of internet access

                    • Dante

                      Hello Lara….how is your summer so far? were you in any of the past few weeks' ''sexy chivers'' posts?

                    • Lara_Croft

                      Well, I dont think my last attempt at replying to you worked to well. I've really been away from a computer for a long time now. Been dealing with the flood in Minot ND for almost 7 weeks now so summer still hasn't been around for me. and I made the chive awhile ago, i was the soldier that wanted to boost moral 😉 number 77. Might try for another one pretty soon here!

                    • Dante

                      Sorry i didn't reply to you Lara, never got a notification…:S I saw your photo, very sexy and beautiful. I bet the soldiers' moral was definitely boosted…:P And the fact that you are a soldier fighting the floods is making you more and more desirable and sexy….Be safe. Chive on. waiting for more.;)

                    • Lara_Croft

                      Hey Dante, I actually made sexy chivettes last week. I was the soldier on flood duty, number 77. So I really havnt had a summer yet since I’ve been on flood duty since the 1st of June. Been working hard 🙂 hopefully I will have more time to submit pics soon!

  • GreyGhost9

    As soon as my GF heals she wants to get on here, it took less talking to her about then i thought.

  • husshbl

    for more stuff like that & the revolution in sex go to


    thank you

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