• what?


    • Mischief_Ninja

      Trolling commentwhore is trolling

    • Tim

      #2 First Rate and First Class. Being 'first' on chive – pure douchebaggery.

    • HOEHOE


  • Steeler's fan


    A couple thumbs for the class act that is Peyton Manning


    • duh

      why in the fuck would you add the gratuity when you're waiting on #18???? You KNOW that he's going to tip more than 20%. You are a douche, Jon.

      • duh

        huh. by (#)18 I meant Peyton Manning.

        • Armed Ann Dangerous

          Your the douche, duh. He got a 52% tip. You don't add the 18%, he would not add 52%. Math, it does a poster good.

          • Ten

            You're a douche, too. The tip was just under 50%. (Discount) Double-check your math, Annie.

      • sneakypete

        you are the douche DUH! When restaurants have a party of 6 or more the gratuity is added automatically. (bitch slap)

        • duh

          umm…yeah. I wait at a restaurant. We have the same policy and can choose to add it or not. So fuck off pete.

        • the industry

          haha… you're just one of the cheap-asses we tell it's "policy". we do what we want.

    • hud

      way to NOT include the signature. This is surely legit.

    • later tater

      The only person to ever cry leaving Indianapolis

      • Jay

        later tater, made me laugh.

    • Paul

      Tough to generous when you make $20 million a year

      • Armed Ann Dangerous

        Tough to English when you can't English.

    • nuccabay

      my buddy from college lives in his neighborhood and i went there for the '10 final 4…he can afford it haha but still legit, too bad the colts did him him like that

      • Right Coast

        "…the Colts did him like that." ???

        He had an injury that is one hit away from a wheelchair for life. His salary to the Colts is $14 million a year. He was to get a $28 million bonus this year. It was all business. What the Colt's won't pay him (not to mention the paltry $28 million) will be factored back into the salary cap. Then they can shop for more talent. It was a simple matter of business. And it was no surprise to anyone for about the last 6 months. Manning should have retired to preserve his health, and gone to work for the Colts organization. Something like the front office or quarterback coach. But that's his choice to make and he made it.

        Otherwise, I've always heard he's a stand up kind of guy. It's common practice to add the tip to large parties. He would have known that before he paid, even if it wasn't printed on the bill. And he still added another $200. The service to the party must have been quite good.

        • Right Coast is Wrong

          "One hit away from a wheelchair for life"?

          You're an idiot. He had a cervical fusion. His spinal cord was never, and is not, threatened by the herniated cervical disc they removed.

          So you know nothing about anatomy, nothing about sports, and nothing about neck injuries, but you think that he "should have retired to preserve his health?"

          You're a moron.

          And I'm saying this as a guy who had the exact same surgery as Manning, about a month after he did (though all my radiculopathy was on the left side, not the right).

    • MichaelC

      Americans: your compensation packages suck. Fuck this concept of tips. The price for an item as advertised on the menu or service should be exactly what you pay at the end.

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        Eh it works for all involved…sometimes it's shit other times it's a prize…so fuck off you silly foreigner…go enjoy your fucking bankrupt socialism …and…hmmph!

        • Barack Obama

          I am making sure that we have the same bankrupt socialism here in America. Just remember to vote for me, and you too can have the joys of bankrupt socialism…

      • Lisa

        Now that you have said it…IT SHALL BE SO! no, wait…it doesn't work that way? Oh right…please tell me you're not one of those asshole tourists who doesn't tip because you don't have to tip in your home country. The system sucks, but it is what it is, being an ass about it doesn't do shit.

      • passwordistaco

        Michael you're the reason servers (waiters/waitresses) hate foreigners.

        To all tourists: Welcome to America! I spit in your coffee.

        • ummmmm

          I think I love you….

      • Manlius_Magnus

        The tips help the waiters, who make way less than the other employees at the restaurant. If it were as you say it should be, the money would mostly go to the rest of the employees. Waiters are underrated.

    • lonin

      I hate him…but only because he's so damn good.

    • CaNaDaaa

      He is a class act!!!! Best of Luck Manning!!!

    • Ned Plimpton

      I'm a Bears fan. Never liked Peyton, but respect the hell out of him.

      Seeing stuff like this is great. I used to be a server so I understand proper tipping. A friend of mine has served in both Chicago and LA at classy restaurants. You'd be very surprised how many cheap some athletes are. A-Rod and Manny Ramirez both tipped less than 10% on separate occasions. BOTH make more money than Peyton. And my friend is a great server.

      • Pat C.

        Same goes for me.

    • http://twitter.com/samjackson63 @samjackson63

      He could have at least rounded it up to $1000.

    • rAs

      Too bad the waiter got fired for this… http://myfox8.com/2012/03/09/nc-waiter-fired-for-

  • bigde

    FUCK IT! Jerry throw Steven in kolene already!!!

  • Whoopi_G

    #14 And I like you!

    • manilovefilmsdylan

      Was gonna say the same thing.

      You really know how to string a few photos together. 😀 How bout we see the front side a bit sometime?

    • you_have_downs

      I literally yelled "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST" at a pretty high level while sitting at my desk…..

      and then everyone came over and said the same thing…..

    • wilt chamberlain

      Is this the same girl from yesterday? So confused!!!

    • cheynecg

      Thunder officially stolen.

    • Frank


  • Fudf


    Why hello there

    • EvilRoySlade

      I wonder if #27 would work on this as well

    • Queen B

      Why don't these broads cut the tag outta their knickers?!

  • dick


    • whyme1973

      I'd motorboat the shit out of that ass. DAMN!!

    • willy

      a re-post that i never mind seeing!

    • slippery pete

      this is the shopped version, not that anyone cares

      • JerseyMatt

        thanks Buzz Killington

    • biggles

      don't you just love when they wear their little sisters bikinis

    • Lotus

      Even shopped, far and away best girl posted today. Country girl was lame.

    • none

      I would sprain my tongue on her starfish!

    • jtjulian

      probably one of the greatest pic I've seen on here…and that says a lot

    • truth

      FAT ASS

      • Smokehouse

        You know how I know your gay?

  • Will


    Too bad he's not a Colt anymore…

    • Jaba

      We'll take care of him in Seattle next year.

      • sneakypete

        BAhahahahahahaha. That was a great joke! Peyton Manning in Seattle! hahahah.

    • Colmodon

      If he becomes a Chief I may as well hang up my chargers jersey next year.

      • Ned Plimpton

        I'd hang it up regardless.

    • The J

      But, but, he's part of the 1%

    • rAs

      Too bad the waiter got fired… http://myfox8.com/2012/03/09/nc-waiter-fired-for-

  • http://twitter.com/BrandonScottB @BrandonScottB


    You've taught her well.

    • MattKL

      She's winning!

    • Hater

      I hate you, but Goddamn do I respect you!

    • whyme1973

      Your wife appears to be absolutely awesome. Don't fuck it up.

    • asdf

      Slutting your wife out is not cool…kinda creepy….

    • Barry McKokkinner

      YUP, she's doing it right. Thanks for sharing.

    • High five

      I'd like to binge your wife. uhh I mean Yea shes doing it right. Sorry got caught up in the moment. Damn penis steals all my brain blood.

    • Red

      The only way that could have been topped is if she had a sammich for you too.

    • Dirty Berty


    • Gear

      Like a boss!

    • OnehandJack

      I say got dayum!

    • Sundevil8181

      #45 is outstanding on so many levels

    • bdg

      The Chive is strong with this one!!!!!

    • Underbaker

      I am a boob connoisseur and must say yours are outstanding in more ways then one. If your husband does not constantly show his support by grabbing them from behind I will personally see to him getting demerits on his man card.

  • davis

    #51, #52

    That country girl post couldn't have been any better if it were covered in chocolate

    • whyme1973

      She is cute as hell. I'd love to lay hands on that sweet ass.

    • HatBomb

      Or could it be better covered in chocolate? Something to think about…

      • Yup

        and bacon…..

        • HatBomb

          And bacon. Fact.

    • jager

      shes a butterface.

      • Lotus

        You're mistaken, good sir, as that implies she has a desirable body.



  • Whoopi_G

    #40 Thank you sweet baby jesus.

    • whyme1973

      No shit! So many great asses in the Hump DAR today.

    • Leo

      absolutely gorgeous

    • J0R

      For those in favor to motion this chivette for chivette of the month, say "aye".

  • Jeffrey Lebowski

    #5 Number Five is Number One.

    • Dick Folgers

      Sarah Ritz – http://www.missritz.tumblr.com

      Trust me, you'll like what you see!

    • Ned Plimpton

      Kinda reminds me of what Lindsay Lohan SHOULD look like…. Instead of a drugged up sperm dumpster.

  • http://twitter.com/Amandax3Scull @Amandax3Scull

    #41 something seems/. off?
    nah its cool

    • Si1entStatic

      dad? Where's Grandma?

      Well Kids………

    • SARmedic

      omg, what a great way to pack your stuff! I wonder how many times they got pulled over?


    • OnehandJack

      Yeah their tags are totally blocked and not visible. They might get a ticket.

  • LucretiusCaro

    #14 Where was the nude panty? But still, thanks ever so much for those.

    • whyme1973

      Hell of a service she has done for us.

  • AssClown

    #1 "Hi there. My name is penis, and this is my good friend penis. We are the mascots for the 2012 Longdong Olympics. We have many new events: Dong jump, Long dong, 100m dong and my favourite, synchronized swimming. Hope to see you all there!"

    • ale

      they look like that cyclop shark they found in Mexico… horrible dong mascots.

      • flibble

        I want to know how flammable they are.

    • EvilGrouse

      It's Kang and Kodos!!

      • Pete

        That would actually make a lot of sense. Have you seen the 2012 logo? Its basically Lisa giving someone a blowjob.

        I hope its going to be a semi decent set of games, but the whole way the marketing has been handled is pretty much retarded… and sums up the British government as a whole. Brits have been talking about how stupid this shit looks for years and all they're doing about it is burying their heads in the sand and saying how great it is. With the Olympics, that's just dumb, but its getting scary now they're doing it with the NHS and education.

    • JOHN

      Just a friendly reminder that the British Police are ALWAYS WATCHING YOU while you're enjoying their country. Hooray for George Orwell and his accurate predictions!

      • Greyhead

        All they will do is watch, unless your speeding then your fucked. If you need assistance for anything serious like your being mugged they will wait until its safe to approach before doing anything.
        Sorry for the dumb logo and mascots
        oh and for the Mayor of London, he's a dick

    • ifonly

      The children of Pleaky and a tele-tubby, playing power rangers.

    • Underbaker

      I thought it was Plankton's Power Ranger costume. <img src="http://images.wikia.com/villains/images/0/04/Plankton.jpg"&gt;

  • PdxChiver

    #47 The great thing about working at Taco Bell is the free…..diarrhea.

    • Bluto

      As obvious as it is, I laughed out loud at this comment.

    • Master_Rahl

      the food that keeps on giving

    • Cheeko

      the pissy poops

  • etcrr

    #5 #14 #45 hot as hell thank you for sharing cause damn

    • Carl

      Nobody asked you, ya flaming douche.

  • Acr3

    #2 that's why he's the man

    • Dan

      I hope he retires now. It would be sad if he played his last years at another team, and even worse if he got hit and was paralyzed.

      • mittens

        I'm torn between hoping for early retirement, and hoping he goes to Miami and terrorizes the AFC East for a few more years.

      • Bears Fan

        Yeah, except his injury and surgery don't make him anymore likely to get paralyzed than any other player. If anything, he is (slightly) LESS likely to be paralyzed, because he in effect has one fewer vertebrae in his neck after the fusion, and therefore one less site where his spinal cord could be compromised.

        Don't spout off about crap about which you know nothing.

        • Smokehouse

          Thanks Fan. I am so tired of hearing these idiots say that "he's gonna get paralyzed". They clearly have no clue.

    • brandalynn

      I saw an article that said the server who posted this got fired. It was here in Raleigh, NC, apparently.

  • jason

    #51, #52

    I mean… I… Um… I….

    • sympathy

      it's ok, man, I know what you're trying to say

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #1 Well…..that's weird.

    • PdxChiver

      Da fuq

  • BostonChiver34



  • Woodrowrules

    #4 #14 #40 Now I love polka dots and stripes too. Love the DAR

  • coinbank

    #15 oh i get it…vagina!

    • HUH?

      if God is a woman, and heaven is shaped like a vagina…….. i got a funny feeling about this…….

    • Underbaker

      Just had to play the song… [youtube BcL—4xQYA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcL—4xQYA youtube]

  • LucretiusCaro

    #21 And STILL giving new meaning to beautiful architecture. Thanks yet again.

    • Master_Rahl

      I'm fond of her support structures and archway 😉

    • LucretiusCaro

      And I think she should get her own feature.

      • truth

        definitely… she is amazing

  • hark1985

    #14 that's attractive to us too

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