John didn’t want his face on a coin, so we put his face on a coin (Video)

Around here at theCHIVE HQ, we’re back in the office and up to our old shenanigans. The Chivery and our editors decided to team up and mess with John… While helping make the world 10% happier.

You may have seen the rare coins over at The Chivery gaining some major steam lately with certified minted Bill Murray and Chris Farley gold, silver, and copper coins selling out in a matter of seconds. We had been half-joking with John Resig about minting a coin with his face on it, the response has always been an immediate “Hell No. Hard No.” But what if we could use John’s face for a force of goodwill? What if we could turn that “no” into a “yes” for the charity underdogs?

On Thursday, The Chivery will be launching their minted John Resig coin, (we may have gone behind his back to get these coins made), with proceeds benefiting Annabella – an 11-year-old from Florida with a rare condition in desperate need of some help.

To help support Annabella and turn her into a “yes”, you can sign up for the pre-sale notification right now to improve your odds at getting a coin before they sell out.

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