The Chive brothers go to Jamaica (40 Photos)

chive brothers lead The Chive brothers go to Jamaica (40 Photos)

Last week, Leo and I threw a dart on a globe like 15 times until we hit Jamaica. We met our idiot friends, Jake and Dubs, there for the weekend. We’ve gotten a lot of emails from fellow Chivers who wanna know who we are so this was a good way to introduce ourselves to the community and simultaneously look like badasses (even though we pricelined this entire thing).
The people were kind, simple, and enchanting. One Love and Respect to all the Jamaicans who took the time to teach us their history and share the JB (moonshine rum).
If you are planning a trip to Jamaica anytime soon, call our personal driver, David and he will hook it up: 876-325-0397

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  • LOL

    You guys had too much damn fun. Great to put faces to the names too! 😉 Thanks for giving us a mini-pic vacation!

  • DUV3

    expect nothing less from the chive bros. cool pics!

  • Emily

    My bros are bad ass. I wish I could have gone on the trip. It’s a good thing you prepared your liver for our Vegas trip in a couple weeks…

  • Cari

    C’mon Leo, you can do better than that! btw, I live in Chicago…..just sayin

  • stfu

    U gyus make money… yeah!

  • Emily

    I’m putting money on the fact that Cari has a thing for Leo. I’m just sayin…

  • Carlos MV

    cool trip guys, thanx for the site btw

  • CNS0601

    My husband and I stayed at the same Hotel and seen some of these same sites. LOVE LOVE LOVE Jamaica. Want to go back to Jamaica and stay at the same Hotel VERY VERY SOON!! Looks like you guys had just as much fun as we did!!

  • joe

    love the fact the driver is drinking beers

  • Nv_Me

    Why do we care where you traveled too?

    • Sid

      Why do you think that we care that you dont care about where the bro’s went on their trip? I care so i dont care that you dont care. Fool!

      Looks like a good time was had and FFS Leo, get some sunblock next time:)

  • mudslngr1

    Looks like you guys had a fun ass trip.
    Jamaica has been on my “Wanna go there” list for years.

  • top dog

    And it looks like you two had a good time taking pictures of yourselves. Where are the native girls?

  • Quacodile

    I’m off to jamaica next year, can’t wait. Hopefully I can use my sexy British accent to swagger up a hot yankee doodle, or a Jamaican girl if I fancy a challenge.

  • KorovaMilkBar

    What no Jamaican booty shakers.


    #19: um, leo – that's Puerto Rico…..
    #24: shudda known better than to fall asleep with you guys around

  • Always Last


  • Shag

    Better grammar check your post before you slag

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