Hot Right Now: Here’s what sinners are buying on the internet this week (13 photos)
  • omnomnomnom

    head + rock will happen soon

  • jeffzero

    hopefully soon. Otherwise, we’ll have to watch the whole video again for it to make sense..

  • LilWain

    I’m pumped. let’s gooooooooooooo

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  • Master Bruce

    I know being background music for a bunch kids jumping in a pool was exactly what Rage Against the Machine was hoping for when they recorded this song. Fight the power!

  • morkin

    haha that looked too easy

  • ken

    VERY cool pool.

  • britchick

    get a job…. instead of sponging off your parents.

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  • rudeboi

    all in fun and games until someone gets their spinal column severed.

  • Anonymous

    ha ha. these kids are kick ass

  • J. Chop

    I want to see their dumb heads splattered poolside. That would truly be pool domination.

  • Joe K

    Exactly my thought. Spare me the rant on spoiled kids.

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