License plates funny enough to cause fender benders (15 Photos)

license funny lead License plates funny enough to cause fender benders (15 Photos)

  • Equalizer

    OMG WTF!

  • xclusive02

    There is a lady w/ a handicap plate by me that reads “handy”

  • Bill

    Saw a Virginia plate today that said ” STROKIN”

  • BirdBeak

    I always keep a 5 pound bag of sugar in my car so I can pour it into the gas tank of any idiot with a stupid license plate.

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  • gayle

    I saw one recently that said “MY 2SH” and it had me giggling for an hour. not really edgy, but funny just the same!

  • robin yates

    I suppose it is one way to try and be different,,,,,,,,,,

  • Shannon

    I read on another site (that also showed a bunch of stupid/funny license plates) that the “A55 RGY” one was actually randomly generated. It only looks suspicious because of the innocently placed Floridian Orange. Although if it was me, I would still get it changed.

  • nogalito

    I like the baby shaker one lol

  • Phil Severence

    We both know that’s not true. Stop talking like you’re some kind of tough guy.

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