Hallstatt, Austria. Warning: Not a fairy tale (12 Photos)

hallstatt austria Hallstatt, Austria. Warning: Not a fairy tale (12 Photos)

Tucked away in the mountains of Austria you’ll find the tiny town of Hallstatt. And I do mean tiny. Hallstatt has less than 1,000 lucky-ass residents. I want to go to there.

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  • orpheus

    Milwaukee suddenly looks even worse

    • Anonymous

      Not possible.

  • Ken

    Looks like you could see the whole place in three minutes. What kind of night life do they have there, go to church and then home for hot chocolate and yodeling?

    • Anonymous

      they have pubs where they drink.. so what its not a big place with lots of cocks to fill your ass but i bet its a really laid back peacful place to live europe is awsome id way rather go there then america

  • mahphuckinpumbaa

    ha i beat her here! HHNF RULES!!!

  • Christian

    All those pictures and none of the cemetary. Google Hallstatt and cemetary – it will freak you out.

  • Clickawut

    To each their own. Having said that : Who sits around googling cemetaries ? Kinda creepy.

    • Lady Shamisen

      *Raises hand*

  • psara

    Do want!

  • Ken

    A 3,000 year old cemetery is amazing not creepy.

  • Clickawut

    The Grand Canyon is amazing, Mt. St. Helens errupting is a amazing, the Dallas cowboys cheerleaders are amazing. A cemetary ? Not so much.

  • Christian

    I come from there hence my comment. The cemetary is so small that they have to digg out the remains after a few years and then they keep them in a crypt besides the church.

  • Ken

    I get it. It’s kinda like an halfway house for dead folks. You die and they bury you. Then when you’ve had your turn in the ground, they move you to a crypt.

    OK, that’s creepy.

  • big dog

    Europe has thousands of such towns. In Germany I love in a town of 500 people, it was a beautiful little town. The people were very friendly and they had some great beer fests and some of the best beer in Germany.

  • Inspi

    Been there… absolutely beautiful. Any they are right, the cemetery is freaky.

  • yoface

    I want to go! 🙂

  • HonestEd

    After a week of freezin your ass off you would change your mind.They are so far from real civilization everything they need would be expensive. If you didn’t drive a truck anyway.I wouldn’t take the load there,too dangerous to drive.

  • chazz

    Let’s go!

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