DeltaWing F1 car is future of Indy racing (6 Photos)

The future model of Indy Formula One race cars tops 235mph, and also has reduced drag and light weight which means it will only need a small four-cylinder 300 horsepower engine to propel it to such speeds, making it leaner and greener than the current conventional Indycars. Safety will also be enhanced as the risk of cars getting airborne through interlocking wheels will be reduced. Overtaking should be easier as racers will not be trapped by turbulence caused by the wings of the car in front.

  • top dog

    Formula One and Indy racing are two different leagues. This car would have a hard time on the Formular One circuit, it's too long to corner. It might make it in the Indy League, you are basically just going around in a circle, all left turns.

    • fennrysha

      Uhh, yeah. Except for the nine road courses of course…

    • cannonball967

      The car's dimensions are not radically different than those of an F1 car; it would have no trouble making the same turns. And the Indy Racing League actually runs more road course races than ovals. They seem to only televise the oval races because apparently Americans don't like watching drivers turn right as well as left.

  • Tasche

    I can’t see that cornering very well.

    • welshgazza

      IndyF1? I think you are a bit confused, too much Nascrap.

      • theguy

        NASCAR doesn’t make people ignorant. ignorant people are just drawn to NASCAR.

  • Equalizer

    Looks like a Batmobile for another Batman Movie.

  • MoshBat

    I’m sure I made something incredibly similar in Spore…

  • Doug

    F1 and Indy are not synonymous, ya dummy.

  • wymer100

    The Delta Wing is just one of several different models under consideration for 2012. The other ones look more like regular Indy cars. Check out Delta Wing’s website for racing simulation videos. The Indy Racing League also needs to determine engines specs. If they go with a V6 package (as per Honda’s request), then the Delta Wing is out.

  • Tom Chiverton

    That has the worlds biggest diffuser, it’s going to tow a huge wake which will wreck catch-up-and-overtake, surly ?

  • jeff in Australia

    • zipperz


  • G.Nagaraja

    The Shades are choosy

  • yo

    Hello? F1 indy car. Do some research puhleeez

  • Der Alpha Geek

    Yeah, there’s a couple issues relating vehicle dynamics… like: NO FRONT STABILITY!

    This is retarded, and no racecar driver would dare try to take it around a corner. I call hoax on this shit.

  • Mike

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand batmobile.

  • cannonball967

    F1 and Indy Racing League (IRL) are 2 entirely different racing series, but many noobs think they are the same cars. F1 currently doesn't run in the US, but will in the near future (maybe 2012, definitely 2013).

    For the past decade, all IRL cars have been identical to keep costs down. In an effort to boost ratings, IRL changed to a standard chassis with limited modification options, resulting in very similar but not identical cars. They will debut in 2012. IRL held a design competition, and this Delta Wing concept was one of several entries. It was rejected in favor of a more traditional design. The Delat Wing stressed efficiency at half the weight & drag of a regular race car, thus requiring half the horsepower and much less fuel consumption to achieve the same speed.

    The Delat Wing design is living on as an entry in the Le Mans series (Europe), and possibly also the American Le Mans Series (ALMS). Notice the change to a 2-seat cockpit and addition of headlights.

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