Cool fireplaces from THE FUTURRRE (17 Photos)

  • effemel

    most of these are aesthetically pleasing, but do they serve a purpose besides being eye candy and a possible waste of money?

  • Joe Clyde

    These fire places aren’t Dennis the menace friendly.

  • Anonymous

    is that a waterfall in 17?!

  • McBeastie

    Fireplaces, chive?……………………fireplaces?

  • HellHathNoFury

    To me, a fireplace isn’t a fireplace unlessit takes up half the wall, and built with river rocks. Maybe a mid-room standing fireplace wall, but these things are just, ‘hey, look at my useless toy’. I want the firewood smell, not just gas and pretty light.

    • yeahsure don’t like them?

  • Anonymous

    some if these have no ventilation. are we supposed to die of carbon monixide

  • MoshBat

    I’m sure I saw #1 on some property program the other day. Supposed to have been designed in the 60’s.

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