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For nostalgia’s sake here are the rules for the alphabet game, road trippers. If you’re playing by the rules that, “Letters on movable vehicles (e.g. trucks or license plates) cannot be used,” this sign is a literary oasis.

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  • Doubleday

    this might be one of the greatest signs I’ve ever seen

  • stew

    i hate road sign pics, but this one is so great

  • mary

    i used to play this. I would have wet myself if i saw this sign in the heat of battle


    i just won

  • bunches o' gold

    this made my day

  • opeo oreo

    i was 14 years old and we took a family road trip to colorado….

  • Vern

    We played differently… Words had to start with consecutive letters of the alphabet, but you could use moving vehicles. Games tended to last forever.

  • Weezy

    Yeah, thought the letters had to be at the beginning of a word or standing alone

  • Will

    Only missing D, F, J, P and V.

    • twodollars

      For D I would always use Dirt, unless I could spot a deer.

  • Chris

    X is easy… Exit. Y isn’t that bad too. I find the worst are J and Z. Usually have to wait for a junction.

  • db

    they forgot J! Y can be easy to find (Bridge maY be icY), as can X (take neXt eXit), but J is a BASTARD to find.

  • Anonymous

    Where is this sign located?!?!

  • sara

    I need a x

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