• Doubleday

    this might be one of the greatest signs I’ve ever seen

  • stew

    i hate road sign pics, but this one is so great

  • mary

    i used to play this. I would have wet myself if i saw this sign in the heat of battle


    i just won

  • bunches o' gold

    this made my day

  • opeo oreo

    i was 14 years old and we took a family road trip to colorado….

  • Vern

    We played differently… Words had to start with consecutive letters of the alphabet, but you could use moving vehicles. Games tended to last forever.

  • Weezy

    Yeah, thought the letters had to be at the beginning of a word or standing alone

  • Will

    Only missing D, F, J, P and V.

    • twodollars

      For D I would always use Dirt, unless I could spot a deer.

  • Chris

    X is easy… Exit. Y isn’t that bad too. I find the worst are J and Z. Usually have to wait for a junction.

  • db

    they forgot J! Y can be easy to find (Bridge maY be icY), as can X (take neXt eXit), but J is a BASTARD to find.

  • Anonymous

    Where is this sign located?!?!

  • sara

    I need a x

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