Audi A9 Concept car: crazy or brilliant (6 Photos)

The A9 concept car is a low emission hybrid vehicle that features a single-piece windscreen and has a roof formed from nanotechnology (no really). The car also has a unique automatic-system that repairs damage and can also be adjusted for colors and opacity and oh did I mention the vehicle flaunts a unique ‘electronic painting’ system that allows the owner to change the color with the touch of a button. Yeah, I know.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    c'mon people, how many concept cars have we seen since, god knows how far back. Have any came to fruition yet? Is there a car out on the road right now that was once a super awesome concept car back in the 80's? this car, like all the others we're teased with, its nothing but a tease.

    • Anonymous

      Most concept cars never see the light of day it’s true. It’s the technology they serve as ‘vehicles’ for that eventually end up in our cars and on our roads. Ten years from now we will see self repairing , colour changing cars, first in the top end models, then eventually in our everyday drivers.

      • HldOnHittinABowl

        Thats why they call it a concept car. It is to test out different concepts they have to see which is practical and which isn’t. They then incorporate the new technologies into production vehicles. We can thank concept cars for such things as a pop out windshield, disc brakes, and even seat belts and the list goes on. It’s one of many ways they do their R & D. It’s also to gauge people’s reaction to it to see how well it is liked.

    • the_mike

      Yeah, the Viper…

  • Nagrom


    Where do I sign up for one?

  • MichaelGS

    brilliantly crazy! Concept or no, this is an awesome car

  • Deal Masen

    cops can’t catch me now.

    “vehicle is a white audi… no, wait make it red.. I mean blue. FUCK THIS CAR! Over.”

  • nouu

    hybrid so it must be shit and for fags.

    • udafag

      Lol you're retarded.

  • keithp420


  • Spiderpig615

    I want one!! I’ll be pressing that color button super fast to look like a party!!!

  • yoyo


  • Equalizer

    This is the best car you posted here at thechive.
    ME WANT!!!

  • Anonymous

    pic #4 just looks like a giant cock.

  • Mattythegooch

    Being an Audi owner, I approve of this concept.

    ——-> hit me with some Farley

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  • top dog

    Shit, How much?

  • OmgUsed

    I like the self-repairing concept and the electronic painting 😀

  • Candace


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  • UsedCars

    I t looks too spacey! I wonder what kind of glass is that!?

  • Da Sandman

    far fetched… cool design though

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