It’s Tuesday, you should get away (22 Photos)

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Magnificent view…Definatly…. Oh, I was looking at the girl walking outside… but these views are pretty awesome too!

  • imayadatty

    and to think I haven’t left MI except to head over to Windsor in about 3 years…..Time to book a vacation!!

  • Spiderpig615

    WOW!!! I wanna go now. number 9 looks like the hardest golf course ever.

  • Jason

    anyone know where #3 is?

    • Tommy

      #3 looks a whole lot like the Li River Valley in Guilin, China. Having been there, I can say it is definately one of the most stunning landscapes imaginable.

  • kevin

    high res pics anywhere? some of these would be sweet backgrounds.

  • Equalizer

    Can you make a link of these pictures to make it larger so we could used it as wallpapers?

  • Uncle Fumbles

    12 reminds me of jungle book. 11 is my house……after I win the lottery….twice.

  • Maddog

    I am a surfer…

    #13, just made me go from Six to Midnight, as I sit in my cube at work.

    Thank you

  • ken

    #4 Baobab trees are wicked!

    #11 Where is that? Is that a house or a resort? Very cool.

    #16 Looks like a nice neighborhood. I could live there!

  • sfmountainbiker

    #17 isn’t real. I have a brighter version and you can clearly see it is CGI.

  • Anonymous

    i need a vacation!

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