How to build a Porche for a few hundred bucks (40 Photos)

  • whatev

    might be kinda sweet with a real paint job

  • Adaro

    It’s a PorSche

  • HardCore Mike

    No… it’s a Porche.LOL

    • southernfriedcaliboy

      Your both wrong its a POORshe

  • nomad78

    duct tape chick magnet

  • MattW

    That’s as environmentally friendly any Porsche will ever get.

  • QuickStomp!

    Alas! the first pedal-powered car that goes 0-60 quicker than an Enzo and makes lotus look like turltes in corner.screw carbon fiber. have a cardboard body

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Ghetto Fabulous!

  • Equalizer

    I want to see what happen to the passengers in a crash test

  • eh

    Not to be driven in storm, rain, or stronger winds….. Car liable to fly away and/or turn to mush.

  • Damn

    its a Poorche

  • garp

    …Science Fair Blue Ribbonist

  • Boooger

    He should have finished the body with fiberglass or something, it seems like he did a ton of work, then crapped out at the end with the duck tape covering.

    That must have pissed off all the traffic that was behind him when he was peddaling 5 miles an hour.

    Weird, useless, totally cool for doing something different!

  • Vroom

    The ‘too much free time monster’ rears its ugly head again!

  • nouu

    looks like shit.

  • Matt

    ehhh thats just stupid.

  • Anonymous


  • V

    PORSCHE spell it right buddies

  • dt520

    I wouldn’t drive one, everyone would keep honking and yelling that if you have a Porsche you should at least get to the speed limit. They can’t see the bike tires if they are stuck behind you…

    Also, when your date realizes they have to pedal, they might be a little pissed.

  • doo dah doo doo

    the only recumbent that won’t make you look like a complete faggot while riding.

    no beef against recumbents, either. but there really isn’t a way i’ve seen yet to ride one and not look like a tool.

  • top dog

    You guys might be on to something here.

  • xander

    Where is this guys website, I want to build one for my buddy……

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