High school kids shouldn’t be having fake babies (17 Photos)

I received some photos last night from Kirill Zaitsev. He explained that his high school class was given a two-day project: Raise a fake infant to simulate what it would be like to raise a baby; mostly to dissuade kids from having kids. A boy and a girl were paired to raise the RealCare baby, which contains multiple sensors to detect any abuses. The groups were graded based on the amount of abuses the baby detects.
Kirill was the designated guardian during the first day and his 'wife' got day two. The first day went perfect but when Kirill's partner ditched out on her responsibilities on the second day, daddy lost his shit. Amazingly, Kirill received an A on this project because the sensor only detected two abuses. The RealCare Corp. might want to issue a recall on their infants.

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