High school kids shouldn’t be having fake babies (17 Photos)

I received some photos last night from Kirill Zaitsev. He explained that his high school class was given a two-day project: Raise a fake infant to simulate what it would be like to raise a baby; mostly to dissuade kids from having kids. A boy and a girl were paired to raise the RealCare baby, which contains multiple sensors to detect any abuses. The groups were graded based on the amount of abuses the baby detects.
Kirill was the designated guardian during the first day and his 'wife' got day two. The first day went perfect but when Kirill's partner ditched out on her responsibilities on the second day, daddy lost his shit. Amazingly, Kirill received an A on this project because the sensor only detected two abuses. The RealCare Corp. might want to issue a recall on their infants.

  • mike


  • chrisdg74

    Now that's funny.

  • Mipo

    babies are not to be trusted…….EVER….little bastards do the darndest things….liquor is one thing buddy but keep your little grubby mitts off of daddy's coke

  • rob

    I can't get over the line "when Kirill's partner ditched out on her responsibilities on the second day, daddy lost his shit."
    Also, i can't get over the lines in #14+15.

    • RubberDogTurds

      did you just set yourself up for that? noice

  • Bear6

    this is genius, pure genius… that is one bad ass kid… bumpin hollywoods, catchin workouts, playing with knives like he dont give a f#Ck, slammin hennessy, rockin ill kicks, taking s#its!! CHIVE please host a contest on this… made my day. Kirill your awesome dude!

    • Slakker Bob

      "rockin ill kicks, taking Shits" Brilliant, wow, that's never been fucking said, like ever this month….

  • fourTWOzero

    that kid looks just like me when i surf porn with my hoody on!!! notice the placement of his left arm too….damn its like looking at a younger version of myself!

  • Snicker

    I remember having to do this project. Man, what this guy did is just awesome. Tip: For added security, tie pants around the baby's neck as tight as possible to prevent the neck from snapping.

  • someguy

    and that my friends is how you raise your baby to become a big, strong and healthy serial killer..

  • http://colddeadfingers.tk Merovingian

    #8: Danger, danger, HIGH VOLTAGE!

    • Dom

      Excellent Electric Six reference.

  • Jezebel

    Haha I did this in junior high and high school. It was kind of fun. But completely unlike having a real baby. If anything this thing will persuade kids TO have a baby. "Wow I didn't realize it was so easy! Velcro diapers…key holes on their backs…babies are cake."

    • Nicole

      They don't use the key hole babies anymore. The dolls they use now have sensors all over their bodies so they record any hitting or shaking, can tell when they're on their stomachs, if the head isn't supported it will scream, you have to actually switch the diaper or they'll continue crying, have to actually be burped, etc.. Much more high tech than they used to be.

  • KillAllHumans!!

    if my infant son grows to be like this lil kid, Ill be one PROUD PAPA!!

  • Throbbit Yuengling

    Hey its Carlos!!!



    • sLAKKER Bob


  • yuta

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  • top dog

    "High School kids shouldn't be HAVING fake babies" Mabe you ought to think about that one for a little.

  • bobowhat


  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Never mind fake babies High School Kids shouldnt be having real babies either

  • Killroyoneal

    He must have got it on an easy level. I had to do one of those horrid things. Didn't sleep.

  • rae

    for our health project we had to carry around a five pound bag of flour for a week and we were single parents lol

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  • Kat

    My sister had to do that.
    She failed the first time and had to take it again…something about shaken baby syndrome.

  • Tess

    I had to do that in 8th grade..and those pictures make me miss him. I got 100% on it 🙂

  • Lyra

    Haha, actually did research with these dolls. apparently they do actually elicit parental behaviour in most people!

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