Luxury yacht designed by A-cero, Joaquin Torres architects (5 HQ Photos)

A-cero, the Spanish architecture studio, managed by Joaquin Torres, presents today its naval architecture’s work: a ship with a design that reflects the A-cero´s style.

The project started with the client’s request to transform a 70 meters long tuna fishing ship into a leisure super-yacht. The client wanted an avant-garde design, according to the A-cero’s projects.

The yacht includes: crew area (with eight cabins, common zones and technical rooms) on the lower level; six suites with private bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, solarium and swimming pool on the surface level and two additional suites with private bathroom on the highest level; there are also a leisure area, gym, spa and cinema.

  • feghfg-

    quite ugly i have to say. and pointless. but whot do i know, i can't afford it anyway. hekc, i can't even afford a single deckchair from that yach…

  • Beau

    Shift to warp speed!

  • someguy

    Whoever designed this has no clue about ship design or no common sense. Even during normal seas the lower deck would be full of sea water.

  • dw55

    well at least he got something big!!! to cover for other small things …….xD

    • hemoird

      like his helm for example. i bet it's quite small.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    2 questions…….1, How much HP?? 2, Does it come in black

  • Phil

    Ugly, and not very likely to be a good yacht. Also, totally shopped!

    • duhhh

      ahhh… when you design anything like this you dont immediately build it, you make "shopped" images of what it should look like

  • Dragnipur

    Concept photos, not HQ photos.

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