Transformers 3 has made Chicago an awesomely expensive playground (40 Photos)

If you're working on East Wacker like our friends at Golin Harris, the view out your window has gotten very interesting recently. Chicago is the new backdrop for Transformers 3 and film crews have been blocking off streets across the city, hauling in debris, and simulating explosions. Chicagoans are getting in on the fun both as extras and photographers. Here are some revealing shots from the upcoming film...

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  • America

    This is that one starring that polluting lesbian racist boatshit filth replacing Megan Fox. Try to guess how much this will bomb at the box office.

    Try to guess.

  • Spengler

    worst thing about TF3 is no Megan Fox

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  • Banjoshoes

    Amen Bob, what a ginormous waste of time, money, energy, etc… Unfortunately, too many people get off on eye-gasmic special effects instead of good story, plot, characters, film editing, etc…

  • ddad

    maybe this one will bomb as much as the last one did
    oh wait…

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  • Aaron J Edwards

    That looks almost perfect. The only problem is Micheal Bay is involved.

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