The faces behind theCHIVE. This is RESIGnation (29 photos)

Due to the overwhelming response from users and the press due to the recent hoax, that you may or may not have seen, we'd like to share a little bit about who we are. We had some goofy photos from a soon-to-be-revealed magazine photoshoot (coming soon!) lying around, so why not?
Resignation LLC (yes that's our company name because our last name is RESIG and we are a family run business) is the parent company owned by John and Leo Resig who own and run,, and theBERRY is run by younger sister Emily out of Nashville, TN with help from perma-intern, Megan, who is our youngest sister and partying like a rockstar in her senior year at Indiana University. Resignation also has two cousins working fulltime: Bob, who works exclusively on theCHIVE and Rick who dominates both theTHROTTLE and theBRIGADE. Our offices are based out of Chicago, IL and Venice, CA where we are on permanent spring break. If you'd like to learn more about The First Family of the Internet, please visit us on our About Us page.

If you’d like to learn more about The First Family of the Internet, please visit us on our About Us page.

  • metalcool36

    Chive on!!

    • Firstly (c)

      You bro. You mind scooting down one so I can get my first-on?

      Its been a while since I've been first, about six hours, I am jonesing pretty hard right now.

  • BigDingo

    who cares?

  • Dean

    Great pics…hot girls…Go CHIVE….you deserve it.

  • Holden McNeil

    John and Leo are f^@#ing clown shoes. Love the site.

  • is.

    wait… what?

  • derp

    i saw this thread and i was like "oh shit this isnt the end of chive is it?
    " totally psyched me out at first.

  • Wayno

    #11 You have to love a woman that drinks PBR!

  • Beau

    Somebody call the waaahmbulance.

    Every business has a way they do things. Since these guys are all about their photos and videos, why not get in on the act themselves? Why not associate yourself with the very thing that makes your business work as well as it does?

    Chive on.

    • LawChive

      oh come on chive, you guys make fun of everyone and then you delete comments that likely make fun of you?

      • Gdubs

        Seriously- I’ve had 3 posts deleted. Chive- it’s like a roast – we tease cause we like you-grow some balls

  • mattythegooch

    Fucking clown shoes……………

    you guys stopped harassing Megan yet?

  • Andrea

    Love the Chive even more now that I realize it's a family affair! Great job Resigs!

  • viking

    can we see some more pics of Megan??

  • boo who

    They say it's always nice to see the face behind the name. Myth busted. We do like the site though.

  • Jennifer M.

    I don't really understand the haters. these are good photos of a good looking family. I like seeing the faces behind the site.

    • Da Cuntstabber

      It's not about hating them but what they represent 😉


    #22 battle toads !!!!!!!

  • dawn

    John and Leo kind of cute

  • Rummy54

    i love those red heads…. yes i do.. yes i do

  • Red State Perms

    IU is a great school

  • Stacy

    good looking family

  • H^S

    Great, now we know what the often-racist and unnecessarily offensive people behind theChive look like. That explains a lot. They love to make fun of people, but not so much when they are made fun of? Kind of hypocritical. No?

    That said, the site is actually pretty funny, a lot of the time.

  • Gdubs

    What? You didn’t like the “epic lower mandible” comment? Lol…..On another note…can I pay you guys to dress like toy soldiers and crack walnuts at my Christmas party this year? Can’t post pics like this and be pussies about getting shit for it. It’s all in good fun.

  • Martim

    chive on!

  • booyah

    live the dream y'all! thx for the laughs!

  • Trevor

    Both of you girls are absolutely gorgeous – love the LBDs. Keep the humour rolling all – it’s a fantastic site/s.

  • koo koo

    Hey meggan I got your berry right here ——D

  • Dikano

    The blonde looks like Malin Akerman (that's a serious compliment) and John looks a little like Dan Henderson (!) ^_^

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