• davey

    am I first?

    What abunch of yo-yos!

    • Snowdog2112


  • nathan

    I didnt know the sham wow guy knew yo yo

    • Rick

      LMFAO good call

  • Carl

    At least he thinks he's cool.

  • hans

    very very cool

  • Beau

    I didn't know Leo could yo-yo.

    No, but really, he was the first man ever to 'shop a life performance. True fact.

  • aosux

    He could totally use that as a weapon.

  • MissChris

    Very nerd-cool! LoL. How do you even find out that you Can do that??

    • Beau

      A combination of having a lot of time on your hands, and having the dedication to not spend the entirety of that time fapping. lol

      • HellHath NoFury

        Not. A. Word.

        • Beau


  • uberbrie

    First, The face he makes after jumping over the Yo yo…Priceless. Second this dude probably got laid because of this, who knows there might be some yo yo groupie or something.

  • dawgsman81

    Impressive. I can only imagine him hitting on females at the club. "How would you like to watch me play with my 'YoYo'? " Then again, I'm guessing this guy isn't really into clubs… or females.

  • George

    Just think, if his parents had given him a guitar instead of a yo-yo, he'd probably rival Hendrix.

  • Darksoul

    This proves that for even for the simplest activities in the world there's a professional at it; lurking around in the shadows.

  • samiam

    Wow…..I can't believe Jensen Kimmitt made it on the chive. Friggin awesome!!

  • w/eeeee

    you just know he's fucked that yo-yo senseless

  • sim

    i thought walking the dog was cool.

  • Frankenbozo

    Back in the 1940's at the Saturday morning kid's movies a representative of Duncan or Cheerio yoyo company would often show up to demonstrate and sell yoyos but they were not nearly as talented as this guy. The movie cost 9 cents and the yoyo cost 25 cents. Frankenbozo hit self in head.

  • DonkeyFuck

    What is that song playing?
    Does anyone know?

    • phillyphan

      "Dare" by the Gorillaz

  • Biggus Diccus

    Yeah but can he do that on stage with a dick in his mouth….like he normally does at home

  • Brandon

    Pretty damn cool. Gotta love all the fat nerds in the audience.

  • arlyn

    Amazing and here's the truth about this man. I just heard that he started playing yo-yo inside his mother's womb.

  • biff

    need song name now

  • insane

    Humans are ridiculous

  • Poverty

    Strange and yet there's still no cure for cancer…

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  • denzelou

    he's freakin quick, and talenteed

  • Rick

    What ever happened to just watching porn?

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