Unbelievable office buildings we all deserve (40 Photos)

  • jpsc

    first buahaha

  • bbbbbeaver

    that slide was probably a really good investment to the office

  • Viper

    These are awesome, i'd never get any work done around those places though, i'd be too busy checking out all the cool stuff. Especially the slide, that is awesome.

  • http://kira.com kira

    great office

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000570941956 Wraith Ten

    why does number 6 and number 7 look like they from a movie set like a james bond movie what are the plans today number one sharks with laser beams lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1275473478 Jim Duncan

      Aren't 6 and 7 from Team America?

    • adde

      5, 6 and 7 are an office in Sweden. The government was selling an old top secret, underground nuclear reactor testing facility. It is bombproof and radiation proof. It is in the heart of Stockholm, but 100ft / 30m under it. And the 2 large engines that you see on the right of picture are from a submarine, they provide electricity, if the public power grid fails.

      • Joper

        4-7 are from the Stockholm facilities for the hosting company Bahnhof. The facility is an old underground shelter to be used for fire engines and other emergency service vehicles in the event of war. It was never secret or used for nuclear reactors.

        They even do tours for the public there. Lots more info and pics here: http://www.bahnhof.se/colocation.php

      • northerner

        love that engine room!

  • dw55

    damn it !!! I quit ……………….. naaah.
    wait maybe I will !!!!!

  • top dog

    Usually theres a message in the design of some buildings, theres no message here unless the designers were saying "lets build some crazy looking ass building and see who buy them".

  • man man

    Totally badass. Looking around my office, this is not a great Monday motivator. No sir.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    But what type of coffee machines do they have in their kitchens?!?!?!?! Priorities People!!

  • muscledrifter

    No matter what you do to an office building, you can’t make mondays suck any less.

    • northerner

      depends a lot on the attitude of the worker. if you believe your Monday will suck…it probably will. granted, a building does not a job make but it can help or hinder it. surroundings that suck can effect the mental state of employees. a building that fights you in every thing you do will cause you to fight back. not a good scenario. a well designed office building can be a joy to work in even if the job is demanding. your building works with you to help you accomplish your mission…much, much better. kudos to the designers presented here.

  • Gandalf

    More than the ‘architect’s’ ”WIN” in designin all these, i’d say, they were rather lucky that the ‘owners of the office (The Big Bosses)’ approved some of the designs… Generally big-bosses are very orthodox and dont think out of the ‘convensional-steriotypes’…If some boss is readin this -Yep u know what i’m sayin…. 😉

  • P-90

    A massive slide in the office is an awesome idea.

  • stafferty

    When I take over the world, i will make one of these my evil headquarters. (That or I will just use Disney land, the evil is already well established.)

  • B-Man

    HOLY COW IT'S A SLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that?!

    • northerner

      majorly awesome! but it wouldn't work in some professions…reminds me of the old childhood game of "Chutes & Ladders", lol! Wanna see someone downstairs, just jump on the appropriate chute and there you are, fun! but wearing on the seat of your pants…or skirt. Oh, wait, that brings up a whole 'nuther view, lol! Chutes & Skirts….like!

  • Natali

    shea August 3, 2010 ayoko na sa’yo bad ka.. hehe.. joke lang ok lang yan.. aetalst nasabi mo sa kanya yung dapat mong sabihin atpangonsensya ginagawa niya lang trabaho niya ano ka ba? bigyan mo siya ng chocolate at kausapin ng mahinahon at say sorry.. hehe..lam ko na kung san ka nakatira nyahaha wag ka mag alala di kita haharangin para itanong kung nasan ang id mo at anong room no. tatanong ko na lang kay manong guard.. nyahaha

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