I want to go to there (26 Photos)

  • joey


  • Nick

    It's not that you necessarily want to go there, it's that you would want it to look like that if you went there…

  • redhead lover

    #9 is not beautiful. i live in NY. winter SUCKS!!

    • Motoring SOB

      9 is awesome, if you don't have to be at work

  • Motoring SOB

    I'll be that guy. Fuck you camera guy, snapping the picture and showing it off.

  • Ulysses

    all photos are beautiful

  • Daniel

    #1 is Spirit Island, in Lake Maligne, Canada

    • DC Tur

      Been there several times, most recently last month, never get sick of it

      • bro

        Live there, bike there, swim there over it.

    • Ryan

      Thank you. I had a puzzle of this when I was younger (diff angle) and never knew where it was.

  • dw55

    I'm going to start saving money

  • chrisdg74

    I'd much rather we going to one of these places than to northern Cali next week. Got a layover in Salt Lake City of all places Sunday. WTF?

  • Beatriz

    your pictures are very beautiful, rename the places !

  • Wulburene

    pretty sure i lived in the area where that first one is taken

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    The places in the pictures are awesome and I love the infinity pools!

  • Ken

    #6 (Costa Rica?) and #9 (sweet pool) please.

  • DC

    #1 is Spirit Island at Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park. I’ve been there several times (most recently 4 weeks ago) and I never get sick of it. The lake is glacier fed and f****ng cold year round

  • DC Tur


    've been to Maligne lake is Jasper, Canada many times most recently just four weeks ago and it is beautiful. They have boat tours that take you to spirit island. As nice as the lake looks, it's glacier fed and f***ing cold

  • Joeyk

    Question, why arent these pics in high res yet some of the random posts are? These kind of pics are meant to be high res

  • Josh

    I get the reference.

  • Buffet

    I wanna go there too.

  • B-Man

    Chive, you really need to list the places of these pics. Please.

  • theducks

    Pretty sure 13 is Lauterbrunn Valley in Switzerland. Really nice place.

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