Define: Awesome. Part II (55 Photos)

Yesterday, one of our Chivers wrote us an email asking us to, 'Define Awesome'. This was our response. However, we decided that defining true awesomeness requires a two-part answer. This is theCHIVE's final answer. Enjoy!

  • Emily

    never has much of a lesbian side but this made me wet

    • Justin Hall


      • WetNotDry


    • Stevo

      Yeah i dribbled a little too…

    • hyperion.pantibiblon

      Me too and I'm a man .haha

    • Its-a me, Mario

      I love you

    • Langolier300

      Wow … marry me!

      • Dave

        Then.. maybe you are a lesbian?

    • jdr

      Phone number please? 😉

  • toby

    43 – luckiest clothesline ever

  • cavemanlawyer

    It is awesome, really and truly awesome.

  • Randy

    Way too awesome

  • Stevo


  • Chuck

    #24 i've never wanted to become a bicycle so much in my life…

  • R. Wiggum

    If these girls were killing zombies on the back of a t-rex that would be pretty close to awesome.

  • dreadlockrasta


  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Yummy, Strong finish!!!!

  • Nick

    26 wins, hands down.

  • Beau

    I… I don't…. words… awesome.

  • peteyroberto

    way 2 skinny if u ask me

    • asdf

      Very true. I guess awesome is fake boobs, skeleton bodies and pancake booties….and here comes the thumbs down.

      • BabyMistakes

        Agree for the most part. I digs meat.

        • amanda

          I agree too. Although these girls are awesome, I think awesomer would have been more girls built like 24. But, you know, less clothes on.

          • northerner

            Some notable exceptions, but most ARE too skinny. Some of the skinnier ones have huge boobs. Proportionally weird, therefore.

  • NTFW

    no offense chive, I fap'd to this like a million times… but uhhh, definition of 'awesome' is a re-hash of 'hot girls thread'??

    realllyyyyyyyy? just thought you could do better that's all
    no explosions? no sharks? ORLY?

    • orly?

      if the chive gives you 55 photos of barely dressed women and you complain I've got some bad news…

    • dayl

      ur gay

    • Ron

      Agreed, too many recycled pics. Seen pretty much all of them already posted here in different threads.

  • Dave

    Who is number 8?!?!

    • Nibs

      elle liberachi

  • iRection

    #48, best one by far

    • Marcos Haubert

      yes. yes.

  • yul momma

    If i were gay, i'd switch teams. If I were a straight woman, i'd switch teams. Since i'm a straight guy, i'm happy!

  • Donny O

    I kinda stopped breathing back on 29 or somthin

    • ABNormal

      She's got enough oxygen in those "lungs" for many of us.

  • giggety

    #22 and #29 are indeed awesome… Boobage!

    • Jason

      Could not agree with you more my brotha!

  • Joey Harvard

    The things I'm about to do to my cock n balls cannot be verbalized!!!!!!!

  • queteimprta

    more more!!!

  • Shmo

    I ❤ 20 =]

  • markkens

    Damn, i'm tired.

  • Jason


    • howler

      I believe you were trying to say

  • Thornaad DarkstormHero Kiim Catapulta

    Now I need a real girlfriend !
    Oh forget about it…

    • RichZ

      Part II wins.

  • wanderingsmartass

    gotta love being at work, boss stepping right when the browser decides to freeze at #48
    "what are you doing!?"
    "um.. research..?"

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