Geeky graffiti is my happy thought (23 Photos)

  • None

    The tiger isn't graffiti. It's a holographic image they project from cars.

  • Where in the WORLD


  • Erwin Schrodinger

    #18: I'll save you the trouble. It's "AMOR" in ASCII

    • Rick

      By my calculations, it is AMOS, not AMOR, but I could be wrong

  • fasterthanu

    #16 actually has deeper meaning, it is the Israeli Apartheid.

  • berp willie


  • .lkjlkjlkj

    chew on my asshole

  • Huh

    # 10 is great!

  • BigDingo


  • Lora

    there's snork graffiti in my hood.

  • anonymous

    its binary code not ASCII

  • anonymus2

    Yes it is binary code, but each row is one byte corresponding to an ascii character. The four rows then spell amor

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