There’s a factory that specializes in making ‘dream offices’ (25 Photos)

These photos are from Inventionland in Pittsburgh. This place is the world's largest invention warehouse. If you can think it, these guys can build it. I guess they specialize in 'dream offices'. If you want to work on a pirate ship, for example, they can make that happen.

  • dustin

    shiver me corporate timbers, that's awesome!

  • justin baker

    I'd pillage my secretary on the poop deck

    • Jim

      Dude, you owe me a new keyboard.

  • Spiderpig615

    Do they specialize in homes and or Man caves also?

  • Ralk

    Now that would be an awesome place to work… Probably all dudes though… Sigh.. There is always something wrong..

    • Dave Gal

      Pic 18 shows women folk.

    • drinkinguy

      see pic #18

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Wait….That's not the kitchen!

    • Gil

      Not at all. There's women doing the sewing and (not shown in photos) cooking, cleaning, and ball-tickling.

  • stafferty

    Reminds me of that old Discovery show Monster House, these would be fun as hell to work on though.

  • Chuck

    Where's the strip club theme office with dancers so that they can spend money while they make money.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    i cannot continue my life anymore. Knowing an awesome place like this exists and i am stuck in this rat hole of a job….just not fair! goodbye cruel world!

    • Jesse Inventson

      Be happy..the place is a sweatshop..everyone is underpaid while the owner buys expensive vehicles and tells the employee's the company has no $$$ Place is a complete joke…they fooled me

  • northerner

    OKAAAAY. Awesome offices. But just how are the employees who are forced to work under those "conditions" supposed to get ANY work done? Hmmmm?

    • Balzer

      Its a sweatshop! Everyone is underpaid and micro managed.. not a place for creativity..Its run like a factory…

  • keithp420

    F-ck these people and their offices…

    • Fishy

      Makers gunna make.

  • mase

    just sent my resume…

  • equalizermax

    If that's what my work looks like, I will never go home again…

  • TheNez

    This place is literally the building next to where im working right now. Knowing that I work in a boring lab and this place is 50 ft away makes every day depressing.

    • @Inventionland

      We're thinking about giving a few tours – would you be interested?

    • Balzer

      don't feel depressed…this place is a sweatshop…it is not what it seems and there is NO heat or AC..
      Its a glorified sweatshop with false advertising

  • pufffdragon

    These are fucking creepy. All it needed was a clown to make it official.

  • Someguy

    Call the tv stations! We got a new TV reality series!

  • Tony Miteff

    what is the name of this place?

  • fuppdragon

    "Brainstorm Beltway"? "That's It Strip"???? Wow that's so frighteningly abhorrently bad I'd rather work in a murky cesspool. Or advertising.

    • Loner

      same thing

  • Otter

    Actually this place is "helps" people get their inventions to market. It's actually just a huge rip-off. The place is making money like crazy but people are bringing their inventions in and paying these guys HUGE amounts of money and nothing gets done. Pretty f'd up.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Okay, just went to this company's website and apparently Inventionland don't build these offices to sell, they build these offices to inspire their staff to invent other products.

  • @Inventionland

    Inventionland was built to foster creativity. New product ideas are worked on in Inventionland. Actually there is a chance you could own a product that was designed in Inventionland. Dozens of products have been design there. If you're interested in learning more check out

    Also if you need a few suggestions or inspirations about sprucing up your office, feel free to ask.

  • Balzer

    I worked there and it is a facade..In my 18 yrs of working in the creative industry, this place was a sweatshop where the owner was more concerned about quantity over quality. If you google them you can read about all the lawsuits filed against them….Also everything there was built without safety and not to code……….everyone is way underpaid and no one is appreciated for your talents and hard work..not too mention there is NO heat in Inventionland so dress warm!

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