Amazing caricatures by Patrick Strogulski (25 Photos)

More of these awesome caricatures HERE.

  • Lisa Martin

    Ok…creepy cool. Last one did make me LOL though. 😉

    • Spark

      If he starts flapping them he might fly.

  • stefanhartman

    why isn't #9 strutting?

  • stafferty

    Doing a Jay-Z characature is redundent

  • mipo2010

    Im surprised painting Lemmy didn't melt the canvas

    • DixonOrmus

      all the brushes fell apart

  • Lisa Martin

    I notice that Chuck Norris is missing…hmmmmmmm.

  • FLHomesteader

    No one else found #4 to be slightly disturbing?

  • amanda

    why is he lactating?

    • Brandon

      Probably a reference to the awful movie Junior he was in with Danny DeVito.

  • Icabod Stone

    Wait, wait, Jay-Z's Lips are too small

  • hypoluxa

    Who the hell is #6 !?
    (wait for it…)

    • soccerfan4589

      that's kevin kurányi. he's a german soccer player. he plays for dynamo moscow in russia.

      • hypoluxa

        What the hell is soccer !?

        • TheWacee

          For most of the world, it's known as Football

          • DixonOrmus

            WTF is a dynamo?

            • workin_donkey

              WTF is russia?!?

  • equalizermax

    Mr Bean is a total LOL

    • Dreamy

      agreed, although the others are very well done too, that's the only one i saved xD

      • gbody

        Rowan Atkinsen actually makes that face a lot. Very well done. Love Blackadder!

  • BWR

    All Obama needs is a banana in his mouth and the picture is complete.

    • workin_donkey

      Dang it, dad. You had to go there! How many times do I have to tell you it's not OK to talk about these people like that in public?

    • kin2u

      I think you are mistaken. In order to have a banana in his mouth he needs straight hair and bolognie lips. You know very very thin ones like maybe your. The drawings are very good though.

  • chrisdg74

    19 – R.I.P. Dennis Hopper, you crazy S.O.B.

  • crazy-commie

    Obama looks like a gremlin

  • Coldzilla

    VERY kule altho I have to say the one of Arny is kinda creepy :S

  • MPMoore

    #20 looks like Jean Reno, or should I say Jean ReNose.
    Ok, cheesy joke of the day aside, these are actually pretty amazing.



  • Dom

    Willem Dafoe looks like an actual portrait.

  • Danny

    These are awesome-more please!

  • damn

    18 is an actual photo.

  • Beau_INAF


  • cpt

    yea i could swear thats a photograph of dicaprio, thought these were supposed to be caricatures?

  • kitkat49601

    These look downright evil…I wonder what the artist was thinking while he was doing these? gives me the willies!

  • FLHomesteader

    SHIT! I forgot that movie even existed! Now how do I re-forget about it…. I know! The weekend is for killing brain cells!

    ….Don't think I have too many weekends left before total melt down.

  • wally

    These almost look like actual pictures that were "morphed".

  • tyson

    no. 6 looks like kevin kuranyi

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