• petwookiee

    Sorry Chive, but this one isn't up to your high standard. This was rather sub-par…

    • Twoody

      Haters gonna hate

  • king

    yea fuck you gumby

  • Cam

    This is like every other Madden video on youtube. How did make it on here?

  • Dave

    You guys must not fux with madden because when you realize Jennings has a broken leg this video is hilarious.

    "This nigga broke his leg…"

    "My leg broke, I don't know how the fuck Im runnin"

    shits hysterical

  • 8vs


  • stlrzfan

    you better find that shit funny, gumby.

  • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

    no one cares about your "awesomeness"

  • Nasty21

    lol I enjoy pure stupidity. This was it!

  • 'merica

    Lock your doors because they rapin' that ass up in some Madden dawg!

  • Caca

    Man, what the hell did Gumby do to you?


  • Gumby

    Well that was mean. Why would he say that?

  • ron

    is that Adam Sandler?

  • Kyle

    Shit is hilarious

  • Coldzilla

    Awwwww that make Gumby sad

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=208200299 Chris Lee

    Wow. Any shit can look good on Madden when you play on Rookie with all the sliders down…

  • mike

    of course he's got a vizio

  • PatcH

    how no one cant stop him

  • Ching

    cbr6864 on September 13, 2009 nice commercial, but all you have to do is just not pay 1 dime for 6 mthons then settle for %10 on the $ you save 90%. your credit score will not go down if you do it right.

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