• Chachy

    Second! Damn that was Awesome!!!!!

    • chogme

      what's the 1st?

  • Bsitz

    Trick plays are gay, win the game on your own skill. Not out smarting kids that dont even understand all the rules of the game.

    • MikeJones

      No doubt. Coaches who use trick plays like that in pee-wee ball deserve a good kick in the nuts.

      • dece

        how does this comment get 17 ups but the first one it's agreeing with has 99 downs? idiocy.

      • evanschiz

        please look at how big their center is and tell me that its still pee-wee ball…. watch the video before trolling please?

    • http://twitter.com/Mattchaby @Mattchaby

      damned looking at your comment makes me think that Football players don't have to use their brain… Do they?

      • sippinator94

        I hope you are being sarcastic. You can say the "Don't think, react." approach is for defense, but the offensive side of the game is much more mental than in any sport.

        The quarterback has numerous audibles he must execute before the play begins, and he must make the right reads during the play.

        The running back's job is much easier, but they still need to listen to their offensive linemen to see who to block.

        The wide receivers routes may change due to the down and distance, the cornerback or linebacker's position, whether or not they have the large side of the field or not, and what the strong call is.

        And many people do not realize this, but the offensive linemen are the smartest players on the field. O-linemen are consistently in the top percentile in the Wonderlic and I.Q. tests. This is due to them having to pick up the various blitzes, if they pull then who do they get, if they are reach-blocking, then they need to realize what the strongside and backside backers are doing, and then they make a decision on what to do. All the guts, none of the glory.

        I don't remember who said this, but it went somewhere along the lines of this: "Football is 90% mental, and 10% physical."

        Don't talk unless you speak from experience, please.

        • Nateb123

          Uhh…football is great and all but the brainiest sport it's not. Sure everyone has to be on top of things to run a play efficiently but pausing between each play is not exactly mentally demanding. Hockey does it on the fly. You work with what you're given rather than saying "Hold up guys, we need to figure out what we're gonna do next".

          However nothing compares to a motorsport when it comes to how much mental work goes into strategy. Figuring out when to pit takes more work than a football team uses in an afternoon.

          • anonib

            You mean the drivers in nascar?

            I go straight, now left, now straight, now left

            • Altober

              have you evere watched Formula 1

              • biscuit

                Formula 1 isn't nascar

          • turthiness

            Most NFL offensive playbooks are 150+ pages nowadays. It is live action chess, but brutal. I'm not discrediting the demands of motorsports, but if think football strategy isn't mentally demanding you are quite clueless.

    • Dan

      They look like JV at least. Way too old for PeeWee.

    • tag

      Intelligence is part of any sport. Some people have raw talent, some have skill, and some have brains. The best have a combo of the 3. Grow up bsitz. That was a clever play.

    • Jimmy

      don't be mad that you lost the game to this trick play kid.

    • wothers

      if they dont have any understanding of the game then WTF are they playing for? so beer gut outta shape dad can troll for slutty moms?

    • satjoy

      you do realize most sports rely on trick plays to score right? Football… you think I'm going this way, whoops, tricked you.
      Hockey… you think i'm shooting low, whoops, top shelf.
      Soccer… etc

    • amrith777

      If mental skill is not an integral and important part of football–then why is there a play book?The team MENTALLY comes up with and develops plays ahead of time and then executes them PHYSICALLY in the game,according to the best strategy.As far as anyone's gripe against these 'wee tykes' being oh so tender and unknowledgeable about the sport–I beg to differ.Many boys are raised quite young to undertstand the ins and outs of sports and in addition to that–these days learn even YOUNGER due to exposure to the internet and video games.
      Just for the record–I am a woman…not that that should matter.

    • Coldzilla

      "Gay"? Really? You know I could almost take your comment seriously but your choice of derisive words leads me to believe youre a little wet behind the ears yourself.

      Well that and the fact that "outsmarting" is one word. 😉

      If ONE team knows the rules then why doesnt the OTHER team? I played 5 years of ball and my coaches spent HOURS driving the rules into our heads. To this day whenever I watch a kick off on TV I STIL:L hear the Big Kahunas voice in my head saying "THE BALL IS LIVE".If anyone is to blame its the coaches

  • http://www.facebook.com/drawingbored Patrick Wichert

    if theyre too stupid, then shame on them. outsmarting the other team is actually part of the game. kudos for them trying that

    • jakek

      50/50 skill and phychology, its the beauty of sports

  • Anomal

    @Bsitz, dude as an OU fan havin to watch the Boise St. OU bowl game i think trick plays are all part of the game. Players should know that unless a whistle is blown then the play is live. Kids fault, Coaches fault. Teh End.

    • iprfr2flopmyntz

      lol@ kids fault, coaches fault.

      you really expect the D to just deck the quarterback when it seems like all he's trying to do is bring the "wrong ball" back to the coach? and you really think the coaches should be teaching the kids this?

      i agree that it would be pretty retarded if some team let eli manning be like "hurr durrr, wrong ball coach! imma just walk into the end zone now," but at the little league level, kids aren't expected to and SHOULDN'T be expected to go around turfin' kids just 'cause the whistle hasn't been blown yet (which, btw, doesn't even make sense in this context)

  • retarded

    I agree with Bsitz. This would be cool if it were college or pro but this is just preying on the fact that these young kids don't know the game that well yet.

    • Big Los

      What better way to learn than the hard way…

    • vince

      Don't be so sure it wouldn't work in the Pros… most players aren't exactly Rhodes Scholars. Donovan McNabb just a couple of years ago didn't realize an NFL game could end in a tie.

    • Coldzilla

      Apparently ONE team did. I played 3 years High School and 2 years Jr and if these players didnt "know" the game the only one to blame was the coaching staff.

      Quit making excuses

  • Big Los

    They got bamboozled! I like the hustle though #19! Pizza hut after the game!

  • The Dude

    google 1984 orange bowl trick play pretty awsome

    • The Dude


    • Stacey

      Wish Turner Gill could get my Kansas Jayhawks to do something exciting like he did there…

    • Katie

      LOL good stuff

  • frypod

    i like how the QB couldn't handle that shoulder knock that he was going for lol.

    • Mac

      Hahah his teammate smokes him

  • Fallen

    i think the Browns trick play against the Patriots was better.

  • toby

    this is easily the best i've ever seen. well played

  • llama beans

    Only thing better is if the defensive tackle picked up the qb and straight up slammed down!
    Trick play that, jerk!

  • Dan

    That was awesome!

  • Matt

    first? first

    • alec

      no sorry

  • andrea

    hahahaha great play….

  • yo mamma

    that's the "Hey coach, wrong ball" play. seen it before

  • Gonzo

    Illegal snap. 5 yards penalty. Replay 2nd down..play was illegal.

    • Slappy McGee

      Nope. Snap was legal. Just has to be a coninuous backwards motion, which this is. The issue is that there's only 6 men on the line of scrimmage at the snap, with is a 5 yard illegal procedure penalty. The far receiver is a good 2 yards off the ball and not covering the TE, which would make sense. They have a two back formation and a wing to the near side, so along with the QB, that makes 5 backs. No good. Bring it back, folks.

      • adidja

        …in addition to a false start on #34

    • John

      Wrong. Only in Canadian football does it have to go between the legs. This was as legal as they come. As long as it's done in one motion it's okay.

  • stafferty

    Who actually won the game? I know if another team did something like that to my old team, it would have really pissed us off.

  • sha

    Legel snap, no motion by the center other than the action of snapping the ball in one fluid motion. Hiking through the legs just has the best chance of not getting the center killed.

  • Kevin

    This has the be the 5th or 6th time I've seen this play online. I wanna see one where the QB gets laid out.

  • tyanger

    Watch the video again, the snap was performed with a single, fluid, continuous backward movement – therefore it was a legal snap.

    • http://www.kirklands-coupons.org kirklands coupons

      Agreed man.

  • Andrew

    It isn't a BS play because the other team doesn't know the rules, it's a BS play because at that level they work so hard to encourage fair play and being safe that if one of the D-lineman had pummeled the QB he would have been portrayed as a villian on the internet instead of an idiot. Let alone what the kids parents would do.

  • mike

    "wrong ball…." oldie but it still works..


    lesson: know your game, man…

  • Pamela

    That was pretty damn funny! So that TD counted? Clever kid!

  • JK8fan

    I can't believe that there is a coach on earth that would still fall for this since there are tons of examples of similar plays all over Youtube.

    IMO, plays like this should be made illegal simply because if the defense doesn't fall for the "trick" the QB could get seriously hurt by not preparing himself for a hard hit.

    Also, the coach that pulls a stunt like this during middle school ball is a prick. Just play the damn game the way it is supposed to be played.

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