A little levity for the blood (30 Photos)

  • Lisa_Martin

    Oh Bob…I love that you don't sleep. Makes nights more chivable.

    I loved Bill…he was my buddy on Saturday mornings. 🙂

  • sencondpers


  • LT B

    In Russia, Prime Minister is Robocop.

  • Crystal

    #13. Um no they don't.

    • Paz

      Just make the guy on the left whiter, and yeah they do.

      • Penelope

        No they really don't. I mean really. Just look at there faces.

        • DaddyD

          They bear a slight resemblance when viewed in the same pose. Chins are different. Eyebrows are different. Oddly enough, ears are pretty close.

    • Jadwards

      Yeah theyre nothing like eachother.

  • Drew

    #23, I swear on my sharks with frickin laser beams that I will find you and make you mine.

    • Anonymous

      You know she's Lucy Pinder right? Might narrow your search down 🙂

  • Nec

    #19 attack of the Daleks, they are finally here and come to "destroy".

  • workin_donkey

    #6 Not even after a full night's worth of pints…not a chance.

    • Yeesh

      First thought was that's a transvestite.

  • DNC

    Link finally shuts up Navi…Bravo!

  • acash

    awesome set, chive

  • G Funk

    Miley learning what anal means… #4

  • Jimmy

    Is that Miley's Vajayjay in #4?

    • Lisa_Martin

      Please…don't use that vjj term again. It's a pussy. You're an adult. You can say it. 😉

      • P90

        Are you talking about a ladies frontbottom?.

      • its_forge


        • top dog

          Aw Jimmy, P is for pussy, which is a big red split, it's home sweet home, for a ten inch dick. Mabe that will help you remember..

  • Catence

    Ok, the first thing in #15 just might be one of the creepiest things I have ever seen.

    • creep

      if that's what it takes to see your boobs, then i would be a creep, just sayin'.

  • Ben

    #6 ITS A TRAP

  • Jim

    is that miley muff?

    • Dan

      It might be. In which case, the Chive is posting kiddie porn.

  • chiver80

    I had no idea blossom was a serial killer.

  • Squooshy

    I think #7 is possibly one of the best photos ever displayed on this website.

  • Semper

    Miley Cyrus is such a talentless, insufferable mank slag and should drop off the face of the planet please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=703406291 Matt Hansen

    Those shoes blew my mind

  • Dan

    #1 – Great pic. Screw you, pedobear.

  • Dan

    The Rent is Too Damn High!

  • jamie !

    pink floyd !!!

  • fedup

    Chive, please don't link to that MGID site any more. I see stuff I like then get fucked around endlessly with links to links to yet more links every single fucking time. Then if and when I finally get to the article it usually sucks anyway.

  • Penelope

    LOVED 20. So cute.

  • jace

    #15 niiiiiiiiice…

    – a peepshow-erhead
    – speakersneakers
    – and a remote GUNtrol.

    • you=dick

      your a dick

    • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau

      I thought they were pretty clever.

  • BigDingo

    22 has been my wallpaper for sometime

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