What can you do with a keg and some ingenuity? (28 Photos)

  • equalizermax

    That was so neat!

  • jim

    That is really quite shit

    • loudpurplehair

      looking forward to your better version

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1082023363 John Whitsel

      did you forget "the" before "shit"?

    • Bill_Campbell

      Da Bomb

  • stafferty

    Awesome, however it would be cooler if it was still full of beer.

  • Spencer Thomson

    Im a gay piece of shit loser saskatchewan roughrider fan. i disapprove of this website cause it is shit. i also love to suck on multiple dicks if that wasnt mentioned earlier

    • Jimmy


      • JJb

        Twat = The term Saskatchewan residents use to describe the hole between their sisters legs!

    • JJb

      If you are from Saskratchewan, it must be your uncle/dads, or brother/cousin's that you preform fellatio on! Don't worry though, they don't teach math in Sask schools, and surely they will field a 13th man in the Grey cup thereby ensuring a last second defeat. Blue and Gold for life MFers!

      • Spencer Thomson

        its my dad, you got it right.

        • JJb

          But your uncle and dad are the same person… Correct?

      • a BiPolar guy

        oh dad, uncle, mom, sister it's all good sex in the end. (sometime literally) I'm easy

    • Coldzilla

      OMFG does this mean this sad piece of shit troll is from my city??????

      Dude do the world a favor; take a 38 and clean out your ears!

      • JJb

        You must be from Trashcona…..

        • Coldzilla

          Nope but you must be some 12 year old who thinks that making up names is funny.

          Grow the fuck up

          • JJb

            Funny…. Your mom seems to like the names I make up for her when I'm plowing her from behind AND giving her a reach around while your dad watches.

            • Coldzilla

              LOL! Wow – a "your mom" joke. How fucking original

              I take it it took you the FULL day to find that on the inernet? A true tribute to your intelligence. And even then you managed to fuck THAT up!! LMFAO

              Ill say it again

              Grow the fuck up

              • JJb

                Cool… You know how to use neat internet lingo like LOL and LMFAO. Quite impressive. I must confess it didn't take me the FULL (I can use caps lock too) day to find that mom joke on the internet. I actually made it up all by myself. Is that where you get all your jokes? They are REALLY funny. I really like your name… Coldzilla. It's like some neat combo of cold and Godzilla. You are really smart. I wish we could hang out some day and maybe your mom could make us some cookies and we can have juice too. I don't like it when you swear though. Also, can you tell me to grow up again? I kinda like it…. Almost as much as your dad likes my boner.

                P.S. Just stop…. I can do this all day (like your mom).

                • Coldzilla

                  My arent WE witty? A Mom AND a Dad joke in the same run on paragraph.

                  Dont worry son – the 4th grade humor is lost on me so Im not taking offense 😉

                  • JJb

                    There is no such thing as a run on paragraph. Sentence is the word you are looking for my friend. Grade 4 is next year I hope. Does that mean that I am one year ahead humor wise?

                    • pop

                      ummm a run on paragraph is a paragraph that has topics that do not contribute to each other so your mama jokes and the internet lingo should have been seperate sentences.

                    • JJb

                      Ummm…. Do you see those little dots behind some words? Those are called periods and they signify the conclusion of a sentence. Therefore, you're statement "should have been seperate (sic) sentences" is wrong, because upon closer inspection they ARE separate sentences.

                    • Coldzilla

                      See below.

                      Well put pop!

  • JJb

    Jimmy… Does your sister give good BJ's?

  • femtrooper

    Shiny. I like Shiny.

    • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000856050565 George Danger Cruz

      omg a chick on the chive! hey listen, *slicks back hair* whatchu doing sunday? wanna hang out and… stuff…

  • Alanna

    So…what does it do?

    • MetalMiller

      Its a computer…….. haven't you ever seen one?

      • MetalMolly

        No. It's a bottle opener. #22 proves that. The rest is just bling.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=688049084 Rossington E. Dennison

      Its a rocket shit. To take you home to stuipter. Get it!!

  • Speedy

    thats awesome!

  • Da Sandman

    this is awesome

  • Rob

    Props on a cool case mod. But I'd rather just slap one together in a basic case and just use the thing.

  • mipo2010

    Chive, you had me at "keg"

  • Ballzonya

    AB doesn't give a fuck. You put down a deposit when you get a keg…if you don't return it they just replace it.

  • Travis

    Isn't that what the keg deposit is for?

    • wizbiscus

      that exactly what the keg deposit is for.

  • who else could it be

    ok now where do I buy one?

  • Pufffdragon

    A keg with real beer in it is real ingenuity.

  • skull head


  • Coldzilla

    Just in time for Christmas!!!!

  • jlt

    Guy did a lot of work for something so cheesy looking.

  • The El Conquistador

    So he made a PC even bigger and heavier? I was waiting for the liquid cooling or something worth while?

    What next, shove an iPad in a refrigerator?

  • C-man

    Cool design, but I don't drink beer for children.

  • Phondo

    All that for another crappy PC.

  • SaveTheRobots

    someone has a lottttt of time. and knowledge.

  • Phil

    Hmm. I've definitely seen cooler PC mods.
    How about a remote controlled corvette PC? http://dvice.com/archives/2010/11/rc-corvette-pc….

  • youre an idiot

    thats retarded, you took away the best function of a keg… filling it with beer. pussies

  • http://www.facebook.com/mira.atanasova Miroslava Atanasova

    I envy a bit :p

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