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Her name is Harriet Jenkins, a 25 year-old British bird who dropped almost 200 lbs. in only 18 months. She was recently named the ‘Slimming Woman of the Year’. So… would you?


  • Cam

    I would've. Not anymore though. Cushion is kinda my thing.

    • Ashley Baker

      so you prefer plenty of cushion for the pushin'… fair point.

      • kaveman4130

        he is a cushion pusher. me, not so much.

      • someguy

        I prefer women I can pick up. Big girls just leave you limited.

  • Swandiver

    Good for her 🙂

    • An Amazed European

      See it is possible 😀 wonder how she did it!

    • Lucky 13

      Think how many hot girls are trapped in fat bodies…go 4 it ladies!

  • Anonymous

    Article says 95 kilos, which is over 200 pounds, not 100. Which looks a bit more accurate.

    • a BiPolar guy

      post says almost 200 not 100. ya goofed

      • JesperA

        Page title says 100 lbs. "ya goofed"

  • fuckinaaayyyy

    ya know how much excess skin she must have now?? fuckin gross

    • TZJ

      Hang glider 😀

      • Jason


    • top dog

      Not really. When you loose weight over a long period of time there is really no loose skin at all, if you do it right.

      • drea

        tru she's very young, probably not much loose skin

        • Dan

          Yeah, there's a reason why she's wearing dark pants, belts and hiding her upper arms in all of those later pictures….

          Still though, good for her. I'd do her just to complete her success story.

          • TheWacee

            Like you'd have a chance.

          • Josh

            dumb motherfucker.

      • Rangerdanger

        I wouldn't really consider 18 months a long period of time for 200 pounds

      • jfkdlsa;g

        this wasn't lost in a long period of time.

    • Coldzilla

      Do you SEE any excess skin? If you drop weight in the correct way there WONT be any dumbass

    • Response

      Gosh you are a fuckwit

  • no1mini

    i want a bikini shot first, no slimming belts.

    • facebook

      wowwwww, HATERS GONNA HATE … i guess. 😥

  • GM3

    everyone in america needs to lose about 100lbs

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      I'd be 45 pounds.

    • chrisdg74

      I'd be 6 foot, 100 pounds. You're an idiot.

    • Eeik5150

      I'd be 80 pounds. You need to gain 100 IQ points, then you'd have an IQ of 80 you ass.

    • WhiteGuyAtWork

      Does GM3 = Fag in France or something… everyone in America should punch a foreigner for opening their mouth.

      • Guest

        f33d t3h trollz some more, n00b.

      • GM3

        haha wow everyone is thinking way too much into this, im sorry i didnt specify and say all of "the fat people" think outside the box a little bit! i am American just fyi and guess what? i defend our country with honor and pride, GM3 stands for gunners mate third class. obviously im not that stupid because im out trying make a difference in this fucked up world. peace out to all of the haters

      • mimi


    • SOOOO

      I'd be 5'-6" at 300. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    • mattythegooch

      I wouldn't have a COCK anymore!! Zing!! (on a side note, you're a fucking twat!)

      • kaveman4130

        well said.

    • rich

      Go fuck yourself GM3. Im not over weight.

    • truthiness

      I'd be 6'2" and 80 lbs. Dayum. I get enough crap for being skinny as it is…

    • Kai

      Somehow that statement pissed a lot of people off. He's right, and you guys are thinking too hard.

      • mei

        ya he is right…i think he's talking to the thousands of fat bastards in the united idiots of america not jocks that weigh 180 at 6 feet. A small percentile is in shape but y'all a bunch of fuckheads

        • WhiteGuyAtWork

          go back to pussyville and close the trailer door.

        • top dog

          If I lost a hundred pounds I'd weigh 79lbs, and I'am 6ft, err… how much would you weigh.

    • Thundercunt

      You are right. I will ask your Mom to get off of me and we will be square.

      Thanks…love America.


    • tempest

      I'd be like 25 lbs. Seriously. I'd have to have my skeleton removed. I need that! It's good for things like not being a gelatenous blob of skin.

      • JohnnyB

        Come to Colorado… Overweight is not the norm here.

        • Uncle_Scrotor

          Except in Pueblo.

    • guest

      Ummm… I weigh 165 lbs. If I lose 100 then I'll be dead!

    • Carly

      however, being 10 pounds is not considered healthy in America, so no. You ass.

    • Unwavering

      I'm six feet, if I drop 100 pounds I'd weigh 68lbs. Not sure that's going to work.

      Excellent example of a moronic generalization though.

    • chiver

      "Obesity in the United States has been increasingly cited as a major health issue in recent decades. While many industrialized countries have experienced similar increases, obesity rates in the United States are among the highest in the world with as of 2007 74.1 % of the adults being overweight or obese."

      Yeahhh, this is a bit of an issue.

      • You're Welcome

        You don't know what you're talking about. They get 75% by using BMI, which is terrible at gauging whether someone is obese or not. Most people who have a decent amount of muscle on them would be considered obese using that standard.

    • mongomike

      well, no only about 3 out of 5…

    • Curry

      I would be four pounds….

    • Bella

      I would be 25 pounds. Great.

    • urno

      nice comment. also what the fuck is a 'pound'?

    • Matt

      GM3, most successful Troll ever?

    • GranolaGurl

      Well I'd be 30 lbs if "everyone" included me. Jerk!

      There are still a few of us who still care about our bodies, over generalizing will only make you look stupid.

      • kigero

        Is everyone in this thread 6 foot? (exaggeration rules)

        • Ezee

          I am 6'1", 170lbs. Ride my bike 30 miles a day, gym, rock climb. Since he stereotypes Americans, do you suppose he hates Jews as well? Is one type of hate different than another?

    • Slo Ride

      You're an idiot, I'm 260 with a BMI of over 25 because I can bench 300# leg press 500#, my body fat is around 12% and this former Army MP and 11Boo would be 160 and a twig if I lost 100#. I'm betting I'd still be big enough to prison bitch your ass.

    • Slo Ride

      And yes, I'm over 6 feet tall, 6' 2" to be exact.

    • Willow

      I live in America (Texas) only 5'4" and weigh 137. If I lost 100lbs I'd disappear!!


      I would be…let's see…-20 pounds. Brialliance, dude

  • Mr. Awesomeness

    good for her.

  • top dog

    Well good for her, but I know a few ways that will help her loose about twenty more pounds in a month. I can help her burn seven to twelve hundred calories a pop, it's called…..SEXXXXX!!

    • meh

      not if you only last 20 seconds you 2 pump chump

      • top dog

        Well damn boy, you talk like you know me.

    • Locode


    • Wes

      You are a moron, top dog.

  • slushpuppy69

    In a word……no.

    • Matt

      You typed four words, douche.

  • cankles

    she still has healthy cankles

  • troll

    Where does it all go?

    • endlesssummerkid

      It's like va-poo-rizer. Where does the poo go?!?

      • Jordan

        Bonus points for the awesome reference!

      • Hagar

        They make new Democrats out of it.

        • PoopsLikeLittleBunny

          nice….i mean oh shit. More dems? no way fatten that bitch back up

    • fibonacci5150

      It's used to plant trees in the rain forest. White Castle trees

  • endlesssummerkid


  • nepster

    5 to 1 says that she also "lost" her boyfriend.

    • cheezebits

      Yeah, the guy in the first picture left shortly after and now is pissed.

  • Smittycakes

    Fat chicks work harder for it. Still, no. I'm guessing there are enough skin folds to accommodate a dozen men at once.

  • mike

    Hmm this is her facebook page but if you want to add it says you must know "HIM" personally… so is this a guy???

    • Me!

      It says "her" and "female" when I went to that page.

    • TheWacee

      Facebook stalking is pretty pathetic.

    • mongomike

      Christian maybe? "HIM"

  • adam

    as one who has banged a former fat girl, i would have to say yes, i would

    • avoidz

      who's on top?

  • Dan

    i would between 10 and 11

  • rich

    Congrats to her for losing the weight. She now need alot of skin reduction surgery.

    • KimM

      learn to spell

  • Save_The_Robots

    mehhhh yeah. totally would.

  • truthiness

    She's always has a pretty face. Now she has a nice figure to go with it. I would, for sure.

  • tico

    o well she is not fat but has the sprit of a faty and you know what they the fat ones do try harder…

  • Kyle Retrato

    Holy fucking shit. I salute you Harriet.

  • Cobretti

    I would now sober with the lights on (assuming excess skin has been removed) and I would then, drunk with the lights off. Same policy applies universally. Who am I to me "Mr. Choosey".

  • Rick

    No i wouldn't crack kills

  • BigBadBeau

    What the hell is wrong with her hands/arms in #14?????

    • PoopsLikeLittleBunny

      Dude? i never noticed til i read your post. THEY DO LOOK tiny

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