The most expensive Mansion in Canada. Oh surrre (21 Photos)

This house, located in Toronto, Canada is currently listed at $26,800,000. I don’t know what the man does, but I’d like to think he is the leading beer distributor in all of North America.

UPDATE: The listed price for this house is $26,800,000 CAD which translates to roughly $26.98 million in the United States. Awwe ferr Christ’s sake!!

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    Yeah EH!

    • Lau

      The house is actually 26.98 million not 269.8 million.


      This here house sure ain't a 263 million price, on No! EH!!!!!!! It's 26 million.

    • FuckOff

      Opulence, I has it 🙂



  • Royce

    psh… American's do it better.

    • BOOYAH

      USA…….country full of hicks and dumb ass people

      • Sitting guy

        yeah that's not ignorant or anything…you are the dumb ass ! ! !

      • kent

        Canada, country full of mental retards like you.

    • cdnalor

      Too bad you don't know how to use apostrophes.

  • Faust

    Is that $269m Canadian? Wouldn't that be like $45 American?

    • Manu

      Actually that would be $270.777 million. Canada wins 🙂

      • MattFoley

        Wow, I haven't seen anything FAILing so hard in a very long time…

        • Sitting guy


    • Stewball

      I believe CAD is trading higher than US……

    • Viking

      No that'd be $450 million American.

    • SpaceManSpiff

      Check the exchange rate bro – its $1-$1 – that joke was funny about 10 years

    • Baldy

      Haha what an idiot.. Typical!

    • Harley613

      the canadian dollar is worth more than the american dollar right now, check

    • Guillaume
    • Jeff

      it is actually 270555832.52 American, Canada 1, America 1.0071.

      • Trisha

        Yeah, this all happened while the Americans were all too upset about 9/11 to think clearly and started a war in countries which had nothing to do with it. The rest of the world saw what a lunatic GB2 was and stopped being so enamoured with everything American. fyi.

        • Tom

          Trisha learn a little about economics before you post such ignorant comments

          • noob

            My economics degree and I agree with Trisha!

        • walt

          Intelligent people love Trisha!! Though it is a little more complicated than that.. I was in canada right after 9/11 when you would give 100 american dollars and get back almost 200 canadian. A politician I was staying with told me to invest as much money as I could in canadian money because they had a system in place that nobody could do anything to stop it and it was going to pull the value of the CAD up above the American dollar.. if I had only listened I would have twice as much money right now. Though what Trisha says helped the rate at which it happened

    • drew

      it's actually 2 houses…one for living and one for recreation…the mini putt hall is a tunnel joining the 2 houses…and the chive, god bless em', just made a little typo on the price earlier..haha…later skater

    • Joey

      You are fully retarded

  • drew

    sweeet! my company did the automation at this house…very very nice man and he created a graphics chip…

    • GeelksRus

      HA! Geeks win, again!

    • Nocturnesthesia

      It's kind of odd that all of his furniture looks extremely uncomfortable. He'd already spent that much, how come he didn't invest in some chairs and couches that won't permanently damage the spine?

  • boooger

    $269M? Its nice, but I'm sure you could replicate the entire thing for less than $10M.
    The gold and tennis court should have been combined, that golf hall looks depressing. The rest of the house looks like a mall with the little trees and decorative pools at the stairs.

    • lawl

      Which is no where near as cool as your apartment!

    • .......

      26.8 million…not 269 million

    • Meg

      ummm look again its $26,800,000 not 268,000,000

      • aosux

        To be fair it did say 268,000,000 earlier.

  • tsukushi_

    Looks like the Queen's house in True Blood. 😛

    #3 #8

    • bubblerider86

      I was thinking that too! ^_^

  • joe

    #6 #5 #3…maybe TOO big? looks like a hotel/office building to me

    • Dizzle

      agreed….#3 looks like a mall to me

  • Jason

    All that, and they can't afford to fill the pool. It's Dry! That sucks. Prob should have built it in America.

  • Deyonte The Black

    canadian, huh? well that explains why it's all shades and variations of 'white'.

    • Langley

      the fact it's canadian also explains why it's all manner of 'boring as shit'.

      • Nateb123

        ^ Never been out of his county in Wisconsin.

    • cdnalor

      Oh, that is SO racist!

  • Neil Kay

    fucking horrible! goes to show money doesn't mean you have taste.

  • wkdfrog


  • j-man85

    #11 "The Dude" lives here

    • Donnie

      Looks like someone stole his rug.

  • XOS

    if i had 270 mil to burn on a would be a lot cooler than this house….kinda dull..depressing..

    • Baldy

      It's probably why he is selling it

  • Gordo

    For that much money, they could at lest fill up the pool #8 and #9.

    • Ash

      It's for sale. Likely noone occupying it. Why the fuck would the pool be full?

  • pat

    if i had that much money i definitely wouldn't be buying mansions in canada

  • rawnoyz

    #3 ive been to this mall!

  • Phil

    Looks like it was designed by some very elderly people.

    Also, they sure managed to get their servants to hide well.

  • WHT

    I bet he's a moose farmer.

  • jadiwin

    looks too much like a hotel, I wouldn't want to live there

  • Bisketz


  • GTO

    you would want to live there when it is full of girls with future/present LBP's, which I am sure this guy is not in short supply of

  • vince

    For that kind of loot, you could set up the entire country of Canada with double wides down in Alabama. Now they're livin' !!

    • vince

      Canuks got no sense of humor!!! ^_^

  • bubba_earl

    If this is in Canada, where's the ice rink?

    • ollivertwisted

      I was thinking the exact same thing. If I had the bucks I'd have one at my house!

  • Ania

    I guess I just don't 'get' this kind of excess. To me this place looks cold and depressing. If you want to live in a house that resembles an abandoned hotel, do yourself a favor and fashion it after The Shining.

  • Timothy

    The slide sold me on this house.

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