The most expensive Mansion in Canada. Oh surrre (21 Photos)

This house, located in Toronto, Canada is currently listed at $26,800,000. I don’t know what the man does, but I’d like to think he is the leading beer distributor in all of North America.

UPDATE: The listed price for this house is $26,800,000 CAD which translates to roughly $26.98 million in the United States. Awwe ferr Christ’s sake!!

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  • The El Conquistador

    1995 called, they want there projector back…

  • Joel

    Perhaps this is true, but the generalizations and vulgarities really just make your comment complete bullshit.

  • Hedge Raven

    Bowling, tennis, golf. Its like playing real life WII Sports in your house.

  • dasookewilder

    I think its funny how alot of people say canadian currency is worth so much less then american, well our national debt wont lead us into "ANOTHER" recession. our curreny good if not better than your blood money

  • Leo

    Typical North-American tasteless building. It looks more like a shopping-mall; It has no soul. is it owned by a ginger?

  • MattW

    Some of the comments are wrong. This is not Robert Herjavic's house and it's not a VP of Microsoft. The owners are Lee and Margaret Ka Lau and they are just downsizing. Lee founded ATI corporation which is now part of AMD. They make a large proportion of all the graphics chips in the world. Mostly in PCs but also in the Nintendo Wii, for example. The house is on the bridle path and it's not the most expensive mansion in Canada, it's just the one with the highest list price in Toronto right now.–a-loo

  • Lynn

    Lee Ka Lau[2], Benny Lau and Kwok Yuen Ho[3] founded ATI in 1985 as "Array Technologies Incorporated". Working primarily in the OEM field, ATI produced integrated graphics cards for PC manufacturers such as IBM and Commodore. (wiki)

  • jabes

    I live in Toronto, and housing is super expensive here….fully detached homes in the suburbs run in the millions. I can totally believe that this house cost that much.

    As for the style. I like it.

  • gofast480

    Whata dump……the dude abides

  • avoidz

    Yes, but is he happy? HELL YEAH!

  • Syn

    It's just under 27 million folks….the "golf" thing is a tunnel actually. No Dukes of Hazzard cars out front either.

  • marge

    meh im not a big fan of mansions too big and flashy and fancy schmancy for me
    but i do love the office and the color scheme and feeling of the kitchen

  • simone

    Now this is hot i would love to live here need some love by a women to fix it up some but the house is cool Enter text right here!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a converted shopping mall. Utterly without taste, style, innovation or creativity.

    Paul Greenwood – Middlewich, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

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  • teh spraintz

    Actually, it's worth more than that because at least the Canadian economy isn't going down the crapper…

  • Seedink

    people, its $26 million, not $260 million.
    $260 million dollar house? come on.

    It belongs to Robert Herjavec, one of the investors on shark tank

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