Who knew bottle caps could serve such a grand purpose? (20 Photos)

  • jason in pc

    block the firsty ahole

    • Shakespear was 1st.

      Jason- by saying you are "Blocking the firsty ahole." You are therein proclaiming your firsty-ness and thereby including oneself in the very douchery you are claiming to hate and turning thyself into fore said twat-face. You dear boy are fail. And first. For that I salute you.

  • Slinky

    I gotta poop

  • Kyys

    They look easier to make than they probably are.

  • MattConlee

    I thought keeping your precious Beer fresh and stopping it from spilling everywhere during transportation was the grand purpose.

  • Arvzky

    #9, #8, #20
    Video game art always wins. Also, I'm gonna start collecting bottle caps now :3

    • Gecko

      You can't go wrong with Videogames and Beer

  • V4Vendetta14

    #12 is pretty awesome! #16 looks like Al Roker with white hair or is that Bill Cosby?

    • top dog

      Not Bill Cosby, he don't wear glasses.

  • tippy6

    Who knew bottle caps could be such a huge waste of time.

  • top dog

    All these are cool, especially #11 and #12, I put them two in my dungeon.

  • _HypoLuxa_

    *idea!* . . . I'm totally going to make a portrait of Soda Popinski out of bottlecaps!

  • nwest

    #13 ❤ Rogue

  • Mikey

    Some people have way toooooo much time on their hands, still pretty coll though

  • Mmmm. Beer.

    The best thing about bottle cap art is the drinking. Lol.

  • Yaknow

    My poop in the toilet was better art.

  • dude

    #6 – Naptown Rollergirls! HELL YEAH!!

  • anonib

    #14 FTW

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