Hot Right Now: Random memes that made us spit out our morning coffee this week (60 photos)
  • RiKo

    his fart pranks are really awesome too

  • Locode

    looks like he got his mom's bridge club to act for him

  • Slick

    That was funny, I want more. Amazing he keeps a straight face.

  • Diana Santos

    ahahah i love that prank ^_^

  • Rydiddy

    The sound makes the clip

  • Kris

    This guy totally stole the idea from Ed Bassmaster's newer video where he used a bluetooth instead of a phone. Come on, chive.

  • Jihad Beydoun

    Are they on youtube or what ?? coz i'd sub to that !!

  • manwithconscience

    Humor at the expense of others is cruel, not "hilarious". This idiot probably seriously scared these people. And picking on a little old lady to boot.

  • Spencur

    UH-HUH uh-huh . . . uh-huh we might get another one NOPE JUST THE TWO

  • lokiz

    how do I send a video to the chive??? I have a video of a girl that MUST be found

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