• Shawn

    Holy hell what is with the ads!? Terrible!

    • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

      Between your comment and the "anon" idiot below, I feel like I'm reading a YouTube comment box right now.

    • bfg

      The adverts really piss me off too. Each time I bother to try and look at a video i'm quickly reminded how annoying the adverts are.

      • Cal

        The Chive is posting WAY more videos recently. It's so they can advertise Dead Space 2. No doubt.

    • Ash


      Never see ads.

      • ryan

        Fire Fox with Ad Block Plus, Never see ads.

  • anon

    first (:

    • Oolon Colluphid


      • anon

        haha oops, im high

  • Luke


  • serGe


  • mark

    he's GARBAGE when compared to BEARDYMAN!!!

    • tad

      but beardy man only does one thing at a time and then loops it.

      • Bisketz

        Beadyman is an amazing beatboxer outside of the looping he can do as well. You fail. This guy is crap. Beardyman for the win.

      • Guest

        what were you saying?

        • Ryan

          Human Beatbox from the Fat Boys is the best.

  • toddau1

    Roxorloops is better.

    • JonJon

      KrNfX is better.

    • Heber Coll

      This man speaks truth. Just google his videos.

  • Tjake4182

    I'd send the video but my office has youtube blocked

  • Mr. Awesome

    This shit is ooooold. Saw it like 4 years ago…

  • tsukushi_

    I remember watching this on youtube eons ago.
    Still cool though. 🙂

  • smokey18

    For better and awesome beatboxing search on youtube for 'beatbox battle tv' . It's the best channel with beatbox. Cheers!

  • chiver1
    • Anakrusix

      Hahahaha, that was awesome!

    • guest

      Beardyman FTW

  • RobertC

    He's good, no doubt, but I've heard better.

  • bowhuntpa

    he beats his box huh huh huh

  • Ron

    Wow, OLD video. Chive is really scrounging for content.

  • Phil

    Not the best, but damn good.

  • tdotbronco
  • Nah

    He's not that great, plus the guy here doesn't have a microphone close to his mouth, which is half of what makes it sound "good."

  • theend81


  • Patrick

    this guy is better

  • rrr

    Chive slipped up on this one..

  • iambigd42

    Julia Dales would own this guy and she's kind of hot

    • Sorry

      I hate to be the one that says it, but holy hell, she is more annoying than anything…

      • Sorry Again

        And then she turns into a horse at the end… She's terrible. Enough said…

  • carson

    Do you have any idea how f'ing old this is? Come on chive!!!!! Dont be like break.com

  • PJ Fry

    Rahzel would woop his ass.

  • Cleaner

    srsly, this is depressing. I come on to see some good stuff and you put this 3-7 year old australian video up? even this girl on the first page of replies is better (though, no, she's not as great as everyone says. Close your eyes and listen to her. just stop thinking about her being a girl and then shes not that great – good yes, not great)


    • brightnsparky

      its french not australian…

  • Mr. Awesomeness

    This is like 2 years old. At least. WTF, chive? Next, let's post Boom goes the Dynamite

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