Toothpicks, man. WTF not? (20 Photos)

This amazing art by artists Stan Munro and Steven J. Backman

And yes I know I said “WTF not.” Make it work.

  • fish dicks

    pretty cool. how many freakin toothpicks does one of those take? shit

    • Paul

      23,765,231. definitely, definitely 23,765,231

  • dainz303


    • _cy

      Dude needs to get laid something fierce

    • BloodScrubber

      …and has probably never been to the dentist.

    • Mike

      Only a virgin because of he wares the girls out with his dexterous hands before he can get it in…

  • Roscoe

    Dude needs a hobby….. Oh, nevermind.

  • figurefour

    #20 looks potentially deadly. Awesome.

    • bud

      i want to drop this one of a building

      • Pete Ribaudo

        someone divided a toothpick by zero

  • Paula

    #8, #9, #10 etc. are very impressive.


    • Darksoul

      How did he do that?

      • andy

        made the structures out of toothpicks and then took pictures of them next to a gigantic toothpick

    • mick

      Even when she's saying something useful, I still find Paula's comments incredibly annoying

      • Fuck Paula


  • Wolfram

    Holy crip it's a crapple!!!

    but seriously that's amazing. Lots of detail. #14

  • The Mule

    #12 is actually Paula's little pecker

    • Paula

      Come on!!! My pecker is at least half this size.

      Tiny Hugs,

  • The Mule

    AND… #15 can fit inside Paula's man-gina

  • Dufius

    impressive…but poor dudes. They doesn't have a life….

  • Dillon Turcotte

    Holy sh!t these are cool

  • Nathan

    #10 How!?!

  • Dude

    Someone has a lot of time in his hands

  • SheOnceBelieved

    #18 is that roger clemens?

    • Shabs

      Don't know, but definitely has that serial killer vibe

  • Phondo

    Big deal. I've made the same stuff with floss.

  • Hungry NomNom

    DAmn #11, hope he's makin some money off this shit

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  • Virulent87


  • aaa

    #20 is awesome. looks like you just got punched in the face

  • TheTruth

    Try picking your teeth with #20

  • top dog

    #2, This is all the great buildings of the world, awesome work, and this took a lot of time to build but, these two guys need to find them a woman and get laid…..for a whole month.

    • Stan

      I married the sexiest woman in the world, but thanks… And I happen to have the coolest job in the world… so double thanks. But the 3rd artist not mentioned here is Scott Weaver–and he's a true artist… (married the 2nd hottest woman in the world), but women seem to like men who can make things with their own hands. So now you can go back to your video games…

  • WTFever

    Ship's Registry: Michael Strahan's front teeth

  • Logic76

    I feel like such a schlup with my lego set

  • Carlos SLB

    foking awsome!!!

  • antrid

    Free time. These people have it.

  • Mad D

    I saw #19 in person. That is only a section, It's about 9 feet tall and 5 feet wide. It took the guy 30 years to make. He even had it so ping pong ball could be dropped into it and they would go roll around in it.

    Here is a video of it:

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