Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • Josh Gorter

    I hate to say it but I am up this early in the moring drinking so maybe 1st. (LOADED NEW CASTLE FTW)

    • naigoto

      I live in a convenient time zone, so I guess I'm the first one telling you that you shouldn't click on that theCHIVE bookmark button when your brain is blinded by early hours and drinking

    • Josh Gorter

      Yes I was retarded and deserve to be ridiculed, sometimes I think I should go get one of those car breathalysers and wire it to my computer and my cell phone.

  • spec mike


    • 6655321

      Ha! They changed it on you.

    • MigraineBoy

      Thumbs up for trying.

  • pony

    have you ever been so angry? #2

  • BigDingo


    • MikeK

      Best… Movie… Ever…

    • COCO

      I saw the movie and really stupid and a waste of my life watching it.

  • spec mike

    AS I WAS , 21# IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER !!!!!!!

    • 6655321

      Ha! You still suck.

    • fapmasta

      is "spec" short for especiallfuktarded?

  • gofistyourself

    #18 he's checkin the DAR

    • Jack Frost

      My thoughts exactly.

    • sikofitt

      He's on facebook -> "OMG crazy fire today lolol"

  • spec mike


    • 6655321

      Ha! Aw, crap.

    • PJ Fry

      RIP buddy.

      I heard you were buried in a van down by the river.

      • trey-doggz

        spec mike your a diligent, not very bright but diligent. if you worked this hard at gettin a girl you'd be hugh hefner by now

  • BigDingo

    #21 god I miss Chris Farley

    • mavis beacon

      Shut up, you pud.

  • nywolf

    #7, #13, #18 Awesome!
    #11 – NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    • chiver79

      #7 If he wants to catch some fish he better travel a little bit further south.

      • MigraineBoy

        Well put, good sir.

  • Josh Gorter

    Almost Heros is the best Chris Farley movie ever. Not only did he do an awesome job in the movie but the entire supporting cast was funny as hell.

    • quintus

      Let this be a lesson to all you other chivers out there. Don't drink and Chive. Otherwise you'll post lame comments that you will regret later.

    • Drunkalufugus

      Although you are a drunken asshole, I will agree that Almost Heros was an epic movie!

    • http://www.facebook.com/will.moog Will Moog

      I thought I was the only person that had seen the movie!
      "I don't even have a brother! It was me!"

    • PelMAN420
  • The Other Jake

    #11 i want one if Salvester and Tweety!!

    • 6655321


      • Guse

        Licensing is expensive where Jake lives. Borgs Bunny and Duffy Duck agree.

  • MmmMmm

    #4 like a boss

    • PoopIsFun

      Does the girl die?

      • ssf

        He actually reached in through her window and is now going to drop her onto a bed of spikes.

        • Justin

          We call those spikes, pungee pits

    • Badfish

      I am seriously curios as to the circumstances that led to this picture being taken. Anyone have any ideas that DON'T involve beds of spikes?

  • pingpong

    #21 rest in peace chris. we miss you.

  • pogo

    #11 is soooooooooo fail. would never happen….. meep meep!

    • Havoc Control

      Actually the coyote did catch the road runner in one episode.

      • pogo

        But it was a total fail catch. He couldn't eat him anyway. meep meep!

        • Ryan

          beep beep! jackass

  • HawkPilot

    #9 FK yeah! Drive on, my Hooker brother. Used to crew on the best, now I'm flying the rest.

    • Brian

      Riding the ramp is the best!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #11 family guy did it already. coyote ends up hanging himself because he has nothing else to do after eating the road runner

    • Badfish

      Yeah but the overall gag was ripped off from the simpsons.

    • Anonymous

      Aside from I drew this in high school years before family guy ever came out!
      Take it as great minds think alike!!!

  • Josh Gorter

    For those that do not that know a loaded new castle is where you drink enough out of a new castle to put a shot of Captain Morgan in. However my loaded New Castles are 4 ounces of Captain Morgan and a full New Castle.

    • buzz

      no one gives a shit

    • Billy the accountant

      For those that do not know, Josh Gorter is a douche.

    • ambalance driver

      cool story bro.

    • VanIsleChiver

      New Castle is limey piss

  • wild thing

    #3 best tattoo ever

    • Nunya Bidness

      No doubt.
      I have almost the same tattoo all the way around my quad. First time I've ever seen anyone else with one remotely similar.

    • That's Wild

      Chivers can thumb you down to hell but when I saw this I literally said "that's ACTUALLY a pretty cool tattoo". Would never get such a tattoo but I like it.

      • Ryan

        It would be fun to look at while getting her from behind.

  • davey

    addicted to porn much?

    • Henrik

      He's probably chiving

  • Pufffdragon

    #3 Man that movie sucked.
    She will probably get the word "UNDERRATED" tattooed on it 10 yrs down the road just to make herself feel better about that stinking pile of horse turd.

    • Anna

      It was a children's book first…

    • guttorm

      Yeah, It sucked so much I think someone even wrote a BOOK about the movie! Or was it the other way? Could it be that it was a really great book before it was a movie? Hmm…

  • Brad

    I find #17 to be awesome. That is all.

    • Ted Danson

      You are correct. #17 is awesome. The original artwork is from the cover of the old Conan the Conqueror book



  • jjungill

    #8 COME AT ME BRO!

    • Justin

      Not at all

  • chrisdg74

    #5 – Groovy.
    #18 – Gotta update my Facebook status. "Just put out fire. It was hot! LOL!"

  • aaa

    who would fill an entire elevator shaft with cement. thats just plain retarded.

    • NANO

      I'm pretty sure the management was being sarcastic. I live in a tenement where there is no elevator. This is their way of saying "we have no elevator… USE THE FUCKING STEPS!"

    • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

      to keep kevin bacon from dancing.

    • marcochan

      Ask Jimmy Hoffa who fills elevator shafts with cement. Wait, you can't because he's IN AN ELEVATOR SHAFT FILLED WITH CEMENT.

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