Wallpaper Wednesday…or really big photo Wednesday if you prefer (18 Photos)

  • Catence

    #21 – probably the best wallpaper in the world

    • http://www.facebook.com/St.ChristopherPinto Christopher Pinto

      might as well go and give them a blowjob, :0

      • Ryan

        Well, I guess if your offering…

        • Red Rabbit

          still doing the hard sell on the Chive wallpaper, huh…

  • foshizzle

    #8 true

    • Roy

      You really think the earth gives shit. What an ego.

  • http://thechive.com/ BobbaFett


    We have a winner.

  • Craig

    I'd love to do #9. A guy can dream, I guess.

    • yup

      i'd love to do #3 or #18 A guy can dream, I guess.

      • bud

        kat dennings has some sweet tiggums

  • Josh Gorter

    Shit I can't pick one

  • every time

    #21 nails it every time

  • benneh

    #20 Turtle Power!

    • SaltWaterSamurai

      instantly put as my wallpaper

  • Emt

    if you don't download #21 you're not worthy of calling yourself a chiver!

    • DaddyD

      Real Chivers have Chivettes as their wallpaper

      • Blake

        Epic Chivers have Chivettes as their wives

        • Pat Mcgroin

          Smart Chivers don't get married.

          • Catch

            Average Chivers can't talk to girls.

            • TitoRigatoni

              I resemble that remark…

  • foshizzle

    at first i thought #2 is awesome. well it is but i then saw #7 and #10 ! which were topped by #13 because i kinda like megan fox. but then #14. the best i thought. but then #18 showed up and i ended up in tears when i saw #19 which made my dai

    • Piloto

      megan fox, really??? I'm guessing you're too young or didn't had a t.v. growing up. Miss Rabbit doesn't appreciate being called miss Fox!!!

    • tag

      #13 IS NOT Megan Fox. I posted that link in a reply somewhere months ago. Its COURTNEY BLACK

      ….you're welcome 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/VashCarrison Peter Rios

    #9 Breathtaking.

  • http://twitter.com/Pasha723 @Pasha723

    #8. A terminal disease.

    • shaka

      You should help out by killing yourself.

      • http://twitter.com/Pasha723 @Pasha723

        Thanks for pointing out another plague on the earth. Trolls.

    • Burt

      You're fucking stupid.

    • Jim

      A terminal disease which kill itself and not the host?
      Sounds like a terminal disease, I could live with.

  • Brazzers

    Can #13 please be real? pleeeeeeeease

    • AnyoneForCoffee


      Didn't Beyonce use this costume recently?

      • joe

        katty perry did. the only reason i know that is because she is smokin hot in it

    • Rob

      Her name is Sabrina Maree.

      • kodakkid

        worth a google

      • tag

        Courtney Black

        FTFY – I've read the blog detailing the photo shoot that took this actual photo.

        • gavburger

          100% Courtney Black, the shoot is on you tube here

  • Kyle

    #18 is that kat dennings?

    • Ryan


    • drewdeze

      thats one sexy chick! she's just pale as all hell

    • jonjarvis26

      thought it was hilary duff

  • Jim

    Chive why you no post actual high res wallpapers

    • Jeffzero

      (with TinEye addon for Firefox) right click on the image, click on Search image on TinEye, switch to new tab opened by TinEye search, click on Biggest Image link under Sort Order heading on left side of window (may have to scroll down a bit), open the top result. You now have the biggest version of that image currently found on the interwebs, and can thank theChive for finding the starting point for you.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #20 badass battlefield turtle are awesome

    • Kellen

      I hate this too, calling these "wall papers" is kind of silly. I have managed to figure out the right keyword to find some of the ones they post on 4walled.org, which has much higher res. I've had less luck using tineye to re-find them but sometimes that works too.

  • http://twitter.com/Sanja_Knez @Sanja_Knez

    #11 Betty White FTW

    • VedHead77

      Betty White: "No, Sanja. It's FTMFW. I find your lack of faith disturbing…"

    • http://redlobster.com lobster

      best wallpaper EVER!

  • V.A.

    #18: Yup.
    And #20 too.

  • LineHog

    Awesome, think I'll lite up one now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, cigarette that is

    • Geshko

      Like a BOSS!

    • zach

      you do that while i light up my lightsaber.

  • http://www.bentduckcafe.com Bruce

    #13 does it make me a bad man if I fantasize about Jessica Rabbit?

    • newscot

      No, it makes you a child of the '80s.

    • http://twitter.com/Teitn @Teitn

      No, this just make you a kid in 88, and she was one of the first womens you think in fapfap 😀

    • Brad

      Jessica Rabbit, from the 1988 movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" — voiced by Kim Basinger, who is the model photoshopped into this image. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096438/)

      Jessica Rabbit – http://tinyurl.com/65ychq7
      Kim Basinger – http://tinyurl.com/6jtehsp

      • Jonathen

        She was voiced by Kathleen Turner.

    • Dave

      No, you would be a bad man if you didnt fantasize about Jessica Rabbit!

  • Mark

    Who in the world did #13? That’s not Scarlett Johannson, is it? WOW!!!

    • Anon

      Or Jessica Rabbit.

  • Michael Dufour

    I'll take this one 🙂
    Full of awesomeness

  • fatty

    Too small again. MAKE IT BIG!!! BIG IS GOOD!!!

    • Michael Dufour

      I'd say : BIGGER IS BETTER !
      And : if you can make it too big, we can make it smaller :p

  • Mr_Joshwa

    #18 Ok, So, I've been a giant fan of Kat Dennings for a while. Not only is she gorgeous (like, hot damn!), but she's very very funny, witty and intelligent…you guys should check out her twitter and youtube videos. She makes me chuckle. I'm extremely happy that she's started to appear on the Chive lately!! Thanks Chive! work doesn't suck as bad now!
    <IMG style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: top" alt="Image #18" src="http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/epic-desktop-wallpapers-15.jpg?w=135&quot; border=0>

  • Phoenix

    fuck off with the ninja banners

    • YupYupYup

      Famous. Last. Words…..

  • 1234567890

    note to chive:

    compressed JPEGs totally ruins the image
    please use PNG and check your damn pictures before posting next time

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