Osama Bin Laden is gone. It’s Springtime in America (30 Photos)

  • Georgia Tech


    • dudio

      I think you mean "White only USA", or at least the above pictures do. No blacks, asians, hispanics… and I thought this was suposed to be a racialy and culturaly diverse sociaty, and that that was the source of our greatness. Thanks Chive, for clearing that up for us Americans!

    • ...

      RIP for all pakistani, iraqi, etc that died for mericas greed

  • Paula


    • greasdupdeafguy

      eat shit and die, commie!

    • FOAD

      Paula, If you don't like it, just leave and never come back… problem solved.

      • El Chiverino

        Yeah, get out of here, if you don't agree with everyone, well then just LEAVE! You big jerk face!!!

    • Nicklas


    • Rob

      Hey Paula! Al Qaeda has a position that just opened up. Why don't you jump on a plane and apply! You seem to want the job and from what I can tell you'd be perfect!

  • x30515

    Woke up today and smiled. Great way to start off the week. Long live America.

  • CoLNo1

    Bravo America and the UK. Top intelligence work, may we all be able to sleep a little easier

    • ChronicWanker

      yeh congratulations on taking ten years and costing a million lives to avenge 3000 of your own. Really, give yourselves a fucking round of applause.

      • MattFoley

        The millions of people killed had nothing to do with Osama. It was just something that Bush and Dick wanted (and anybody that they managed to convince). All people with trace amounts of intelligence were against those pointless wars.

        • D.I.

          Because war has never solved anything like fascism, genocide, communism, slavery and terrorists.

      • Kyle

        Out of curiosity, it seems to me that all the nay sayers here seem to be suggesting that we SHOULDN'T have been after Bin Laden or the Al Qaeda… We should just let the terrorists blow crap up and NOT go after them? This is… well… confusing to me. Maybe it's because I'm American. Oh well.

    • FLIPPS

      how about some Thanks for the Canadian soldiers too assclown

      • CoLNo1

        Sure, Thank you to Canada, Germany, Sweden, France, and any other Country involved

        • That Guy

          yes thank you for your help in the wars that were completely separate from the hunt for bin laden. the team that went in to get him was allllll American gift to this fucking earth. but thanks for your alliance. you make us stronger as we do you.

    • Malkintosh22

      It's stubborn to think that we have eradicated the Al Qaeda problem. Sure, we killed the head honcho, but there is still terrorism out there and it's still a threat.

      • McBeastie

        no shit sherlock. It's still a major victory to be celebrated.

  • Mid

    The Naval Academy made the Chive!

    • reqn

      All Service Academies made the news and I love seeing USNA on the chive. That's not the point though; what's important is although one threat is down there are still many more, and it's thanks to young men and women who go to these schools that we can enjoy springtime in America.

    • TitoRigatoni

      Yeah, but so did funnel cakes. Just sayin'

  • E.V.L.

    #29 God Bless America!!!!

  • oldurp

    naive idiots. this makes no difference whatsoever.

    • ROK247

      one bright and shining september day ten years ago, three thousand people died. it makes a difference to them and their families and millions of americans who would rather not be fucked with by maniacs.

      • Rob

        And it only cost 47,000 American lives to catch him. You good Job America.

        • McBeastie

          Should we not have gone after Hitler either because lives were at risk?

    • Wing Zero

      Why don't you take a trip to Hell and ask Bin Ladin if it made a difference.

    • greasdupdeafguy

      It doesn't matter, it's reason to celebrate

    • shaka

      Your worthless life makes no difference.

    • duh

      Is anyone saying that terrorism will cease or that Al-Quida is gone? No… But if you think Bin Laden didn't have any influence on his followers and think that this makes no difference then you are truly the naive one.

      • The_Dood

        Except… We are only going to enrage his followers, encouraging them to do more. They have the training and necessary means to do whatever they could've done with him in charge. They may be slightly less organized, but probably not less effective. The only thing this does is create a new head of Al-Queda.

        • duh

          So you're saying we should never go after the leaders, whether old or new? If you remember correctly, leaving them alone 11 years ago wasn't the answer…as proven by the USS Cole bombing and then 9-11. It's a basic rule of war…take out the enemy's leaders.

        • McBeastie

          You mean we are going to make the terrorists mad? The guys who already wanted to kill us before? What, now they REALLY want to kill us? Awesome logic. Don't kill the guys that want to kill us, because it might make them want to kill us.

    • assntitties

      u butthurt,eurofag?

    • patov40

      I think Krusty the clown said it best, "You sir, are an idiot!"

    • Tyler J Smith

      First off, you'z be trollin, or stupid, but if there is ANYONE out there who seriously and respectfully questions the purpose of killing him here it is:

      The war on terror is not a war on Bin-Laden, but a actual war on terror, and the way al-quida, (I don't give a shit how it's spelled) and similar organizations function is there is the Leader in this case Bin-Laden, and he directs Cells, only the leader and his second in command know who the Cell leaders are, the Cell Leaders don't know each other, in other words with out the Leader, the Cells are separate, and dysfunctional, making them easier to destroy.

  • ross

    one of the best galleries i've ever seen on here.

    • Matthew

      you new?

    • parker

      i have to admit it was a fantastic gallery

  • greasdupdeafguy

    'Merica, fuck yeah!

    • Your Face

      if you dislike this ur a communist

  • JohnsScarf


    • <z>


    • Kyle

      Bit of both, I think.

  • sandybuddy

    Nice to hear that Osama is dead.
    But remember Americans…. he was living a comfortable life in a country which is living on American aid. Its high time you make Pakis stand up against terrorism.

    • Vij

      Well said and a point to note

    • Tyler J Smith

      Fuck Pakistan, they supported him all along, Every time before when we figured out Osama's location we Informed pakistan, then when we would go in; He'd be gone, this time we didn't tell them shit, and he was there, I think we should help India out so that India can kick there asses, but that's just my opinion, at the very least we should stop suppling them.

      Not to mention that one of the biggest things to come out of the WikiLeaks, don't want to call it a disaster, because I think transparency's good is documents stating that the military had strong reason to believe that Pakistan was arming and funding terrorists.

  • WinningChiver


  • Rob

    Chive: I think you may have outdone yourselves with this one. You seemed to have captured the essence of America with the above photos. Or in the words of Evelyn: "Fuck yeah! Merica!

  • PokePoke

    Whos next on the hitlist then? Biebs?

  • man293

    one more execution. well done merica… so, osama's dead now, maybe he can send us a message from heaven telling us if the dead civilians in afghanistan are democrats now…

  • MigraineBoy

    #19 What are those? That looks yummy!

    • EZEE

      That, good sir, is a 'Funnel Cake' – dough, that is dropped from a funnel, into oil. Then sprinkled with powdered sugar, once lifted out.

      Not nutritionally excellent, but, awesome nonetheless.

      • Necause

        Ah.. like churro's!

        • SandiegoGirl

          No, not like churros – churros are mexican made, these are from Fuck Yeah America!!!

          • Chiefs420

            Why all the hate & venom?????? Mexicans are people too

          • Natalulu

            Actually, churros are from Spain. Fuck yeah Europe.

      • mmm

        They are even better with strawberries

    • IndyGirl

      Bisquik pancake mix + frying pan + hot oil = homemade funnel cake

      • raglin

        yea not quite pancake mix, but close enough analogy

        • Guy Incognito

          Mexicans are even better people with strawberries?

    • ambercr20

      funnel cakes… fried pancake batter… yyuuuummmaaaayyyyyy

  • https://www.facebook.com/people/Perry-Mason/567968025 Perry Mason

    For #1
    Do you have to remember which hat you threw, or do you write your name on them? That would be a bitch if you didn't.

    • Man o' War

      You leave your address and money in it and people collect them and mail it back to you

    • mid13

      We put our names in our covers (not hats). This is even required before graduation as an inspection requirement. Then we are supposed to put money in them, and the children get them and keep the money. After this, we don't need the covers anymore, well, maybe for pictures and for walking around outside if we don't have our officer covers yet.

  • Me

    Silly americans, you know its now just going to get worse now… The celebrations won’t last long

    • b-ry

      agree 100%. that is even if he is dead. burial at sea, house they caught him in burned to the ground. this story has holes all over it. you would think they would want to show everyone that they caught the most notorious terrorist of all time.

      i need solid proof – like his head on a pike. let the conspiracies begin.

      • Suck it

        Silly idiots from some country no one cares about……we tracked that fucker down and made him pay for his bullshit. We can celebrate that, you are retarded if you think we think terrorism is over.

      • Osama bin DEAD

        Hey dumbass, the entire known world KNOWS he's dead – wtf is the matter with you?

      • Sceptical at best...

        Yep. seem like a pretty convenient distraction, and the stock market could use a little bump. The timing seems a bit too convenient. Approval rates in the toilet, the worst president since Carter, economy is in the tank, programs failing let and right. And now Obama gets the credit for something that's been in the works for 10 years?

  • Head Chef

    I find the celebration of his death a bit distasteful, especially with the chants of USA USA USA. Like the US was the only place to have been affected by his actions or that it was some personal war the US had.

    • EZEE

      Yes, you are right. That's exactly what we said. It was all about us, no one else. Totally wrong, for example, to celebrate when Hitler died. Hitler dying meant nothing! Germany is still under the Nazi fist!

      Yes, all of these posts ONLy say it was about the USA (reading them over, yep – each post totally says, "And Bin Laden never did anything to anyone else in anyother country, glad he's dead – now let me eat my bacon wrapped hot dog and drink a beer while shooting my gun at gay homeless people, because, I'm American! USA USA"


      • Head Chef

        Thanks, you illustrated my point exactly.

    • devon

      I might be missing something but is Head Chef ^^ getting upvoted? There has never been a better time for national pride and 'USA USA'. This is one of our first huge victories against terrorism. Other countries were greatly affected and they can chant their countries name just the same. More and more in America, we've been scared to shout USA USA, like it's a bad thing. Have some pride.

      • Head Chef

        Dont get me wrong, patriotism is a good thing. But using it as an excuse to celebrate the death of someone isnt right. I'm no Bin Laden lover, I just find it highly distasteful to be celebrating. I guarantee you there is no-one in the UK out on the streets chanting "UK! UK! UK!".

        • UK-Citizen

          Wanna bet????

          • Head Chef

            Are you the guy being interviewed here?

        • https://www.facebook.com/thejameshicks James Hicks

          I think mos tamerican's found it highly distasteful that he felt the need to kill thousands of innocents both here in America and in many other places. Celebrate on! If Bin Laden doesn't attack us, one of the wars we are currently engaged probably never happens. So yes…I will drink a beer or several in honor of a job well done, and the death of an evil man.

    • parker

      If I can shout USA USA when Jeter hits a home run I can certainly do it now, thanks

    • Doug

      The war in Afghanistan was personal, Head Chef. It was personal as hell. You must not have been in New York when your personal friends were jumping out of buildings. I was

    • Head Chef

      Sorry if my opion offends anyone. I will say one last thing, at least I/we dont have to hear anymore about that fooking Royal wedding anymore 🙂

      • That Guy

        no no you didn't offend anyone. you just pissed on the graves of all the 2996 (more than i care to share were children) innocent souls who died on September 11th, by poking insults at the celebration marking a day of justice we've all, but mostly Families and New Yorkers have been waiting for. it's tragic that so much death has been shed, but he took the first shot and now we are finishing it.
        but no please try and ostracize us for taking great joy that we just turned a major corner against terrorism. that while one man can cause so much destruction and hide anywhere in the world… ya we can find you. we can find you anywhere. it's just that now we will be more efficient at it.

        • Head Chef

          I think you need to read up on your history.

    • Anton

      It's petty and hypocritical. The west is suppoused to be the moral high ground, and here we go ahead and assassinate a man who should be put on trial for crimes against humanity. Cue cries of "USA" and flag-waving. Because nothing says America rules like blood-soaked revenge. USA!

    • Miscellaneous

      Every time I see someone on the internet who is representing vague, broad-sweeping generalizations about how they think all Americans think and feel, I want to launch into a full-blown argument with them about it. But it's always futile, because their superiority complex always seems to outweigh the one they claim Americans have. It's a big fucking country. Most of us have sympathy and empathy for others as well as for our own countrymen. By trying to take away from us the right to feel pain over terrorist attacks against us, and the right to celebrate when one of those terrorists is now dead, shows that you DO NOT have empathy for us.

      Go fuck yourself.
      Love, America

  • shiizu

    gosh, you are pervert. somehow i hate thechive now. dumb patriots

    • <z>


    • That Guy

      thank God! get the fuck out and please the door smack you out of our country on the way out.

  • Dylan

    Awesome pictures of Americana! Everyone should feel proud of the men and women who serve our country- this morning- and everyday!

    Bravo Chive!

  • oldurp

    nobody cares about what americans think anymore. get with it. the american century is official over. coincides quite well with osamas death, dont you think? signing off

    • navymp

      Who pissed in your corn flakes this morning?

      • Eddie

        Never joke like that. Corn Flakes are awesome.

  • Chive in the Killam

    #12 I'm pretty sure that picture is from England. Look at the back door, it has St. George's Cross along side with the English Crest. A Hummer (so it seems) limo and a prom set up is very American, however, this seems to be from the other side of the pond

    • peanut

      u mad bro?

    • oldurp

      the plastic material out of which the gaudy dresses are made is strictly north america.

    • guest

      dont you have anything better to do than be negative about something simply because its about america. i've looked at the pic there is nothing about it to suggest its not a prom photo.

    • Miscellaneous

      They have prom in England? I'm sorry, England.

  • mrjimmyos

    #18 – I'm sure theres a gigapixel photo of this somewhere

  • Man o' War

    #1 and #24 Gretest things ever

    • hooah

      too tired to pay attention in class after the rioting last night

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