Call me simple but balloons make me happy. BALLOONS!!! (27 Photos)

  • iinferno2010


    pop it…


  • Random

    I'd like to flush this post down #15

  • chiz niz

    #24 The best!

  • MacNCheesePro

    Too much penis in this gallery for me. Although #21 looks like it has a tight snapper, lol!

    • Jen

      look at her balloon knot.

      • BloodScrubber

        Its pretty cool they know how to make them…Its also scary that they think of this to make.
        BlowUp Dolls Gone Wild…out on blueray soon.

    • Henrik

      I thought theChive didn't post NSFW

      • Skye

        you thought wrong sir.

  • Seannerz

    I was going to make a joke about how a balloon artists would never need a condom, then I saw #22 and realized it was true for other reasons.

    • mojomojo444

      The penis hydrant and this comment are the only thing worthy on this page, comeon dudes pull your fingers out ive only got 2 hours of "work" left

  • mojomojo444

    To be fair i wasn't that impressed until I saw #22

    then I saw #24 and dropped my coffee

  • pepelucho

    #8 is childhood memories


    #8 Helloooooo Nurse!!

  • apple

    #21 thats from my fav movie

    • Your Mom's Dog

      Team America? Those were puppets, silly…

  • onecalledsam


    • mojomojo444

      If you would had have put an S on that I would have murdered you

  • zman

    Selma Hayecks's balloons make me happy

  • Jen


  • oX_Animal_Xo

    I think #5 gets my vote by default. lol

  • Brad

    Bring out the Lauren G pics already! They better not be all washed out like Shay Maria's….

    • El Chiverino

      Oh will you simmer down and enjoy a simple post. Enough with this photoshoot crap already.

  • Bryan

    That's awesome #1 #18

  • Kyle

    I opened this post hoping ballons was code word for boobs.

  • @Wavien_G

    #21 I believe the sex doll has a set of balls

    • TitoRigatoni

      around here we call those "labia".

  • Hey_You

    I think #24 and #21 made it qualify-just.

    • WinC

      Agreed….. but just barely!

      • Mook

        I was thinking the same…
        Until I thought of walking into these places with a hand pellet gun.

  • Josh Peters

    Make me a bicycle clown!

    • Guest

      Abracadabra! Poof! You are now a bicycle clown.

    • JohnsScarf

      Wedding Crashers – funny as shit

  • ImpressMe

    Oh c'mon….the balloons are cool….especially the beaver with the beer….they made me smile….ya bunch of grumbly haters….lighten up and have some fun.

    • LigthenUp

      I completely agree! This was different than a 'normal' post, but it still was pretty damn awesome.

  • PursuingGreatNESs

    #21 hilarious
    #22 I want one

  • vindi

    I can't fap to this!

  • misschris

    #24 ….Wow… that is all

  • Fat Geek

    You're simple!

  • @Gingergreek

    My friend Happy Cabbie has to date made a huge optimus prime (better than the one above) megatron, soundwave and one more i forgot what it was but you can see the videos on his happycabbie channel on youtube!! He pwns most of these guys

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