Amazing street art/graffiti just makes me happy (20 Photos)

  • Perry Mason

    #19 I would probably end up walkin into that shit… *pfft* "fuckin wall"

    • COCO

      Next time, watch where you are walking so you do not have to make a fool of yourself.

    • Hich

      Is the woman part of the painting…?

      • mac

        Looks like it

  • Forrest Herron

    #2 simple yet profound

    • me2

      i've seen those in rome, italy! they were all over the place

  • SuperiorTo8

    #1 The man is dead, and still makes me shit my pants

    • COCO

      I personally think that "art" is okay looking. Nothing special about him.

  • Sanman

    #16 will definitely keep the kids of his/her property

    • Youth of today

      Was probably created by trespassing kids

      • Meca

        Was created by amazing fine artist: Ian Strange.

    • wkdfrog


  • papperboy

    NEW WAY TO DO SEX how to do go to

    • DCMOFO

      Ha, like there's more than missionary after marriage. Anyways, I'm new to this internet thing, must be legit. brb…..

      ………….OH MY GOD! How does that even… where do you…. why only one cup??? What is this?

      • SWAFF

        this was one of the greatest replies so far this year

  • Paul

    Awesome. All of it

  • Tyler Christy

    # 12 = complete awesomeness! need i say more?

  • jp34

    #15 is that 2pac or kobe?

    • TUY

      I thought Spike Lee (post Mars Blackmon)

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        Van Jones?

      • GreyGhost9

        im agreeing that looks like Spike

    • ChrisJ5285

      Big L

      • aosux

        Rest in Peace

    • bkfrijoles

      its awesome either way

    • PC Police

      that is racist. please moderate. not all blakc people look the same.

  • brazzers

    #10 CHICOOOO

    • Wade Wilson

      Wow, really? I was just there in November…would've liked to see that up close. Shit.

  • LarsfromNorway

    I'm really starting to like these street art posts! keep 'em coming!!!

    • COCO

      Could the art devalue the homes or building in the community.

      • StreetArtRuins

        You bet it does! Street art, while it may be appealing to some, is still considered grafitti and yes, it DOES devalue homes and properties in the community.

        Now – To all the haters of my comment – too damned bad! You can hate my words and you can thumb me down ALL you want, but it will NOT change the facts.

        DEAL WITH IT!


        • name

          art this complex is usually commissioned by locals and in some cases, such as when done in bohemian neighborhoods or by a particularly famous artist will actually raise the value property in its target market.

        • Haterade

          no, it doesn't. here you go:
          if you get Banksy's original book it has a section on how his art turned a shithole neighborhood into the new "chic" district. Learn your facts before you go making an ass out of yourself.

  • davey

    very cool

  • densasleo

    #5 In super high res. please…

  • HO11YWOOD303

    #19 Thats sick! Anyone know where this is?

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #4 #10 #19 break on through to the other side. come on, i dare ya!

  • PokePoke

    #15 is so clever, angled art is allways best

  • DCBizzle

    #1 why so mischievous

    • Jules

      Why so curious George?

  • Jables

    I Chive binged…I feel dirty, yet satisfied.

    Roll on tomorrow.

  • ElSmiley

    You should figure out the difference between graffiti art (#1, #20), mural art (#10, #14) and installation (#17). Great post, though.

    • Joeyk

      Because only then will they achieve the same greatness you have.. Brush up on your art smarts chive, the prudes are coming..

    • Haterade

      All of these are considered street art my friend:
      a lot of assholes on here trying to sound smart but looking foolish in the process.

  • @StrongAsMeat

    #18 #20

    Love Banksy.

  • jorq

    Great post! I love it that street art is getting more and more recognition these days! 🙂

  • ShakeyTheMoyle

    Yeah great artist….but for some reason, seeing his name alllllll the time leaves me a little jaded=/

  • IT'S A TRAP!!!

    #12 looks like Admiral Ackbar is trying to eat her head

  • E.V.L.

    #1 #5 #15 #19 – SIMPLY AMAZING!

  • Efesen

    If only I could draw other things than stickyman…..

  • someguy

    #20 Spelled "canceled" wrong.

    • Urban

      Can go either way. (Writer)

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