Steel art sculptures the deepest, nerdiest parts of my soul desire (20 Photos)

  • ahhhhyeahhhh


  • dpitty

    what am i doing with my life.

    • neo

      wasting it on the internet like the rest of us..

      • So true

        Houston tx

  • maximum_high

    #20 That's how I roll.

  • LoneW

    #2 Steel Be With You

    • BigHate


      • Firefighter23

        Thank god I'm not the only nerd!

    • Spivias

      omg i want one
      i would pay for one
      but a tesla one with cathode ray would be even awesomer

  • MigraineBoy

    Must have #7 and #15…

    • Jules

      #15 would give me nightmares!

  • foshizzle

    #16 lol ^^

  • SuperiorTo8

    #16 Steel balls, I have

  • papperboy

    NEW WAY TO DO SEX how to do go to

    • Stupid_Donkey

      If you just do sex. You're not doing it right…

    • mac

      homo- go take a long walk off a short bridge…

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #12 is amazing! if it flew, i would ride it

  • Wantedsoul

    More iron than steel i guess, none the less, very Awesome 🙂

  • mrjimmyos

    #1 is in my town, it's at this bike garage and the thing is as tall as predator in the movie

  • Daz

    These are fkn everywhere in Thailand.

  • Ripple

    #5 GREMLINS!

  • E.V.L.

    #4 I want this in my entryway!

  • wkdfrog

    #6 All of these are incredible and would look cool in a bad ass pad like Stark's Bachelor millionaire rockstar pad! 🙂


    This post sucked, it still sucks, and will forever continue sucking!

    • Boris


  • misschris

    Now that is the stuff of nightmares. Awesome kick-ass nightmares.

  • CoLNo1

    #12 Definitely want one of them!

  • @Piston_Dave

    I want #15 !!!!!

  • Clint

    #2 Not steel….it's a cake. Which makes is that much more awesome!

  • denzino

    #16 strong in this one, the steel is

  • Htisss

    Where are these bad boys being displayed? How awesome would it be to go to a park and see these statues.

  • Anon

    This is the deepest, nerdiest, desire of your soul? That's it?

  • AbedNadir

    #5 Don't feed this statue after midnight.

  • Nazz

    Phenomenal art.

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