Abnormally large photos are abnormally badass (21 HQ Photos)

  • astowe10

    #4 and #14 are great…..and i like the new logo? #21

    • Shillio

      #4 – Iga Wyrval, what a babe.

      • ilovethechive

        Thank you kind sir. Fap on!

    • Chiveinator

      #4 should be the new logo

    • abnormaly guy

      abnormaly badass? i'd say abnormaly goodass

  • Matte Blac Australia

    #4, #14 OH YEAH!!!!

    • Ash

      #14 is a dude!

  • bbqboobs

    #1 #4 #18 = EPIC!

  • Danson

    #19 This castle is like a great big pussy, waiting to get fucked.

    • http://www.lazythekid.blogspot.com LazyTheKid

      First you get the jobs. Then you get the khakis. Then you get the chicks.

    • Edited

      This castle is like a great big chicken, waiting to get plucked.

    • AAA

      This is the tale, of Captain Jack Sparrow

      • _Moose_

        *Tony Montana

  • Tintaneedle

    #5 should i start from the front or the back?

    • Chiveinator

      should i start from the front or the back?

      • ilovethechive

        Well Played Sir

  • Anna Cornhole Kova

    #1 Why they gotta make Link look like a little emo bitch?

    • iloveQuatchi

      It seems like a pretty accurate representation to me.

    • asdf

      i want to know why they are all shirtless in a room.

      • tom

        They can't tell you, it's against the rules

      • Chiveinator

        You see the rule is "we do not talk about *********"

    • tomorrowbystorm

      I wanna know why the hell Samus is the only one without her shirt off.

    • b.o.l

      DK would clearly fuck anyones day up

  • Joe

    #20 If it were made of spare ribs… Would ya eat it?

    • JstevensF

      Yes, yes I would.

    • ThatGuy

      My favorite's the sun, its like the king of the planets!

    • Buford_Justice

      just answer the question so we can move on

  • Josh Gorter

    #1 I think there is another pic like this but it has a lot more of the old school nes toons.

  • iloveQuatchi

    #1 pretty badass

  • Sterling Archer

    "I've been talking to the ship's computer…"
    "…it hates me."

    • Tomas

      Don't forget your towel!

    • Jason

      Thumbs up for the name alone!

  • Lower


  • Paula_

    Chive, #21 in 1920×1200 please!

    – the creature under the stairs

    • Alec_Is_Epic

      I've been having a hard time thumbing you down lately.
      You're gonna give new chivers the wrong impression.

      • Paula_

        Never mind me, I'm just fucking with your minds. I just came in your brain again 🙂
        btw Hey, we have the same IntenseDebate score!

        – a special kind of troll

    • Chiveinator

      who are you and what have you done with the real paula???

      • ilovethechive

        She must be finally back on her meds

  • The Bandit

    #1 why doesn't Samus Aran on the right follow Marios example and go topless???
    #4 ….just made my day!

  • Catence

    I'll would like #2 not just on my computer screen.

  • PokePoke

    #14 ancilla tilia btw

    • tits_mcgee_

      thank you noble sir

      • Nik

        She has a small weekly show on flabber.nl 😉

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    i just got done watching all 6 Star Wars movies in one day epic win and now #18 comes up 😀

    • BaJezzus

      @bkfrijoles first off…awesome. but secondly…wtf is he doing with his hands? Is Bobba a southpaw or something? and if so he should be on guard facing the other way with his hand position. Just sayin'

      and thirdly….I'm jealous. I want a light saber too ya know?

    • greenerblues

      Watch 4 and 5 then 1, 2, 3 and finish it off with 6.

  • https://www.facebook.com/SantanaJeremy Jeremy Santana

    #7 You Sir, Are doing it right.

    • amrith777

      Way ta go,Grampaw!! He ain't dead YET!!

  • http://thechive.com/ BobbaFett


    Now you're in for some sh*t!

    • ROK247

      it's common knowledge that any being that is not force-sensitive but attempts to wield a lightsaber anyways is more of a danger to themselves than anyone else.

  • Swarley

    #4 #13 #14

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #11 el señor de los anillos, mariachi edition

    • V.A.

      This one was fucking funny, my god.
      Pity I can't list my reason for needing a new keyboard at work as 'saw a pic on chive that made me spill coffee all over the old one'.

  • Dzine

    #9 oh shit.

    • amrith777


  • stickystrings

    #14 Cheeky smile, excellent.

    • tralfaz

      And I can see her box.

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      I am curious as to what was brushed out of the left half of the picture.

  • John

    #4 tits pressed against stuff. Should have its own post.

    • Pat

      Iga Wyrwał

      And yes, Chive should do a dedicated post.

    • Wally

      Where do I second that notion?

  • outof816

    #12 KCMO represent!

    • amrith777

      Burn it!! Burn it with fire!! Then eat the gooey goodness!!

  • argonaut

    #1 is Fight Club! effing epic!

    • Chiveinator

      I thought it was supposed to be Ron Jeremy?

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