This desk went from suck to blow (7 Photos)

  • Jessica Condrey

    Case Mod 😉 me likey ❤

  • ssstoopid

    It's a good time waster if you like shiny things and have the money.

  • MacFluff

    The guy who made this one made an 2.0 version which is even more awesome.
    Check out the video of his rig here:

  • PhunkasaurusRex


  • Jeremy

    Wouldn't it be freakin annoying loud with all those fans?

    I know they are small fans, but still.

  • faemike55

    been nice if the pictures were bigger to really show it off

  • doogie

    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! as a metal fabricator i think i can find a way to top this "case".

  • doogiPL

    phew, so much better here

  • DustinK

    Haters going to Hate.

  • m43h


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