Two friends got stranded overnight at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. When life gives you lemons….(Video)

Joe Ayala and his friend Larry Chen were stranded overnight at an almost empty Dallas Fort-Worth airport…. so they decided to videotape themselves goofing off. Apparently those in charge of the airport are not happy about it. I love it…

  • Justin


    • Ryan White

      no son, you're last

  • Frank M

    Take that TSA!!!

  • Codey

    Hey it is the airlines fault for getting them stuck if they want to get mad a someone get mad at the airline

  • Lower

    When life gives you lemons……Raid the bar for free beer.

    Love the spinning man on the escalator. GOLD.

  • DasherHarvest

    bahahaha rotating on the escalator.. someone gif that please!

  • Matt

    So who was filming this? It doesn't look like amateur footage to me. It looks staged.

    • nappyp

      The guy had an EOS mic cover in his pack, which is one of the main DSLR camera lines. I assume they are the pros of some sort.

    • Vaughn

      Absolutely. Camera quality is way too good, camera was mounted to the wheelchairs for different shots. I don't care that if they call it 'fun at the airport', but don't sell it as something it's not.

      • jken

        No matter how much you might want to "stage" stuff like this, airports wouldn't willingly cooperate and vacate people from high traffic areas. It would be nearly impossible to stage something like this.

      • That Guy

        right… i see what you are saying. they shut off the airport and delayed multiple flights holding off the other passengers so that these obviously very well off young adults can film random goofing at the airport so they can post it on the internet and make zero money on it. when i think of it that way it makes all the sense in the world.

      • Pboat

        GO PRO, DSLR, tripod/mount. Standard Consumer products that you can easily take with you when traveling.

      • Paul

        Can be done with a go pro camera which can be used by noobs such as yourself it's so simple.

      • its_forge

        Professional videographers stuck in airports *with* their equipment bags can have random fun too y'know.

    • Blake

      All you need is an GoPro HD Hero and your set, you can strap that thing to anything

    • Lyrex

      Consumer grade DSLR will give you this quality of video without a problem. There have even been entire TV shows filmed with those same cameras. And all the places they mounted the camera could have easily been done with a couple of different regular tripods. I will call myself an "advanced amature" photographer and I have all the necessary gear in my own camera bag.

      Great video!

      • Lyrex

        Sorry, that should be "amateur".

    • KeyserSoze
  • ImKennyPowers

    climbers?? noticed the 5.10's…

    • awwwww yeaaaaah

      yes I did, and damn you for beating me to pointing that out!

  • quality

    Info on the type of video camera they used asap.

    • ndkid5

      Canon HDSLR of some sort I'm assuming.

  • Cake is a Lie

    Love that video. PS. the Dallas Airport sucks

    • steve

      ALL airports suck my friend

      • bob

        …….but the Dallas airport REALLY sucks!!! Then again, so does the rest of Dallas so it makes sense.

        • peanut3603

          DFW isn't that bad… Have you been to ATL.. Wanted to hang myself after being in that place…

          • its_forge

            Oh I dunno, I think I like Hartsfield-Jackson better than any of the other airports I've blown through, even Orlando, which I helped build.

        • DefendDallas


    • Logan Allen

      Really has ANYONE ever been to LAX? DFW is soooo much better….and cleaner…

    • graham

      i got stuck alone in dfw. IT BLEW!

  • Dan

    It does look kind of staged, but I have been stuck overnight in an airport and it is completely dead. You could get away with most of this stuff for sure. Although the bars and restaurants get locked up, so not really sure how he could have gotten in there…

    • DCMOFO

      Voice activated alarm panel. The code was "hero". They were just friendly and said "Hello".

      • Danielle

        LOL love it!!!

      • its_forge

        Guffaw but open your eyes and look, one of the two gentlemen is Hispanic. Dork. = )

    • Matt

      I stayed over night once at SFO. There were a few people passengers kicking around and some cleaning staff, but it was otherwise completely empty and quiet. I saw a cop on a bike go by once in the middle of the night but other next to no security. Sadly, the bars and restaurants were totally locked up.


    I wouldn't have made it past 1:25. Free beer? Yeah, I'll 360 the escalator tomorrow.

  • Turnip

    1:01 the guy with his shirt off has been tanning.

    • n_kb

      darkest tan ever…

  • alate

    They had access to the bar and spent the night running around? what a waste

    • Patricio

      How exciting it would have been to see a 2 minute video of them drinking!


      • That Guy

        i caught the sarcasm.

  • Uncle Scotty

    That Asian feller don't know how to pour a beer.

    • ontherun1989

      Just for the record he was pouring it into a martini glass, not a beer glass.

      • bigdeal

        looked like a ice cream sundae glass to me

        • its_forge

          Ditto, it was a dessert cup.

  • Chiveroni

    Totally staged, I'm sure "deciding to videotape themselves" means a camera crew showed up to film them. That or they handed the janitor the camera for half of that clip.

    • Mklane

      and if i was a janitor i would totally do it. Life would suck working at an airport over night. I wouldn't hesitate to film a bunch of dudes fucking around.

    • Yessir

      Nobody was ever holding the camera. They either had a tripod or were just sitting on things to video themselves or a combination of the two. If someone would have been holding it, you would have seen the camera shaking. Maybe they just knew how to use it correctly

    • ush

      Idiot, just because something is'nt recored on an iphone doesn't mean its a professional camera crew! Ignorant fool. Look at the link posted above, look at the hints. The guy has a mic cover sticking out of his photgraphy gear bag. They are using most likely a Canon 5D mk2 which is a prosumer grade Digital SLR. There isn't a lot of audio on it either and it would only take a tripod or gorillapod to mount the camera in all of those places.
      Why cant you just enjoy looking at something knowing that someone somewhere is doing something creative while you're sat on your arse moaning about it

  • Billy O'Hara

    Who cares if it was staged or not!? Were you not entertained!!? Pretty funny video.

    • panama99

      Yes, I was entertained.

      • panama99

        Final thought…..I was waiting for Dallas PD to show up and taize one or both. That would have made it a classic!!!

    • Patricio

      If it was not staged, you literally just recorded yourself stealing from a bar (nevermind the "vandalism" that occurred). You also just decided to not censor your faces out, so they know exactly who you are.

  • Dagnut

    WOW pretty handy getting stranded with a film crew!!!

  • gatling

    The 2 guys are Larry Chen and Joe Avalaya…. who are photographers and video editors…

    It's not a mic cover in the bag, it's a monopod…

    they were stuck in Dallas airport coming back from roud 4 of formula drift in Florida…

    Canon 5D mark II for the camera…

  • Badfish

    Staged or whatever… it was fun.

    Escalator 360's are cool.

  • teh_shard

    That… was awesome. Shame about the beer in the sundae cup tho…

  • Matt

    He drank that beer like a boss! Not a drop spilled.

  • Mentos Fresh

    The shots with both of them in were still, so they probably used a tripod. Shots where it was just one of them in had movement, so the other one was holding it. Really, it's not that hard. All these haters…

  • SJay

    Would of been better if they were wearing Chive shirts.

    • Meh


  • Mark Lutz

    Note their backpack. Canon EOS tripod attached. These guys are probably photographers. Thew newer Canon cameras are more than capable of footage that clean. I'm willing to be they are really photographers. Loving the rotating escalator.

    • jayman

      An Asian with a camera? Get the fuck out.

  • cepelina


    • Yessir


    • busted

      Like your mom's tits

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