More “abnormally large” photos that are abnormally badass (19 HQ Photos)

  • shepardcomm


    • Donghae

      You're an idiot

    • Paula_

      Congratulations, you ARE first!
      Please celebrate by shoving a toy truck up your ass.

      – R.I.P. Bam Margera

      • Ryan

        Wow. You don't even know who died. Kill yourself.

        • Paula_

          Aaaaand another one takes the bait. ❤

          – the one you love to hate

  • Long Tan


    • equalizermax

      It is so Awesome that I could shit rainbows!

  • Paula_

    #1 What is it with the Chive and that P.O.S. movie (the Lebowski part of course)?
    btw not firrssstt!!! Hurrrr hurrrr…

    – the one you love to hate

    • Matthew

      Never insult the Big Lebowski! Fuck off Paula and leave the Dude alone!

    • BaJezzus

      ya know…I'm generally happy to let you just be you and troll what is probably the best site in the world and piss everyone off and such. But if you're going to continue to act like you don't like The Big Lebowski, and spread a layer of your hate upon it, well then… can just fuck off and quit coming here. The Chive is never going to sway from it's position of agreeing with pretty much the entire world that The Big Lebowski is an awesome movie, so get over it.

      • Paula_

        I'm not "acting like I don't like" that Lebowski movie, I just truthfully say it sucks ass. And it's not a layer of hate, that would be far too subtle for me. I spread a layer of vomit on it. People walking out of the movies premiere prove me right. YOU get over it and start watching decent movies.

        – I'd swear the Chive is going to do a full Lebowski gallery one of these days just to piss me off

        • BaJezzus

          I do watch decent movies…nay….Awesome movies. And for the record, I hope….nay….pray that the Chive does a whole DAYS worth of posting nothing but BIG LEBOWSKI POSTS and it causes your head to implode, spreading the one brain cell you have all over your screen.

          p.s. no, YOU get over it

          • JT Mo-Nay

            Not to be a dick. But if her head implodes, won't that pretty much contain the brain matter?

            Also, I think Paula is as much of a troll as everyone else around here….but she has a right to an opinion. The Big Lebowski is an awesome movie, but is admittedly not for everyone. Hell, I thought Fargo was stupid the first time I watched it and couldn't understand all the hoopla either.

            Just because someone doesn't like a movie, regardless of whether they are reviled site-wide as a troll or not, does not mean they are stupid, it just means they don't like the movie that you like. Hell, my wife thinks most universally liked movies are stupid, but thinks movies like Superhero Movie are hysterical.

        • BAMFinater

          I hate to say it, but I'm with Paula, quit posting that crap.

          • Nevermind my name!

            it's art you morons. You can't appreciate the hard work that went into this piece? Grow the fuck up already, and stop voicing petty opinions towards EVERYTHING!!!!!

        • ssstoopid

          "- I'd swear the Chive is going to do a full Lebowski gallery one of these days just to piss me off"

          The dude abides. That would awesome!

    • Calin Chifor

      !votekick paula

      • Paula_

        That only worked in Counterstrike IIRC… cs_italy FTW

        – etc.

    • amrith777

      Oh man–I saw the two characters in front form TBL and KNEW Paula was gonna have a fit!! But she is entitled to her opinion.That having been said–that whole picture is full of awesome!! took me a few moments to recognize what movies were being honored–WIN!!

    • RIPP

      Can we just ignore this person now? Puh-leeeze?

  • Homer

    I have something else that is "abnormally large"….

    • ThatGuy



      • Spank the monkey


    • Paula_

      Your ego? Your belly? Your debts? Yo mamma? Your waterhead? Give us some hints…

      – the one you love to hate

    • Doh!

      Well, spit it out, it ain't yours.

      • ssstoopid

        That's a pretty awesome response. I'm going to steal that and pawn it off as my own original material cuz I like it! Hope ya don't mind.

  • Your mom

    #1 Paula, you're an idiot. There's at least 5 different movies here. So if you must make an insult, please do so properly. Also, I have my new desktop, thank you Chive.

    • Paula_

      You fail to reply on my post yet call ME an idiot? You're still right of course, but it's funny coming from another idiot.

      – the one you love to hate

    • Christa Loven

      LOL! I was thinking the exact same thing… and I made this my desktop too! Nice.

    • Heidi

      She did. She said "(the Lebowski part of course)"

  • Anakrusix

    #6 and #19 are definitely awesome

  • Cyberfunker

    I want #1 in my living room wall…

    • Paula_

      Yeah I like to throw darts too!

      – the one you love to hate

    • rlmnofjean-ious

      This was a limited edition print. I think the artist did 150 of them. They were released last Saturday, and I'm pretty sure they're all sold out.

      There's a variant of the print in a different color scheme. That was a run of 75 pieces and there might be a couple left in stock.

  • ThatGuy


    Oh, what a cock tease.

    • kiwi

      I see what you did there

    • HUNK

      Indeed. Venture bros for the win.

    • .......

      She better be in Series 5 or I will be pissed. Pre-production began this month!

      • Jessica Condrey

        Luv her;) her fights with Broc are always awesome

  • BigHate

    'Set as desktop background'

    Complete. Love me some Fallout 3

    • Anon

      FO3… best RPG ever.

      • Firefighter23

        Agreed! One of the best games ever.

        • DrROBOTO

          i would start playing at 6 pm after work and literally keep saying only one more quest its not that far on that map….2 a.m fuuuuuuuuuu….

  • Poodle of death

    #6 is a picture from the webcomic wormworldsaga ( )

    • DistractedIndividual

      Thanks! That was an interesting little read:) Can't wait for more!

  • MigraineBoy

    #19 Space Avalanche rules! Check out the webcomic online.

  • bkfrijoles

    #13 i could totally go for one right now!!

    • Yep

      I already did.

  • Tropsmurf

    # 6 is very cool
    #10 is very true..oh and yes to #12

  • pud3000

    #2 = Awesome. Futurama is the shit.

    #17. Lol!

  • ArsEnixa

    Yesss Romantically Apocalyptic! #18

    • TheRealSnowman

      Epic series! Have been following it since day one!
      Alexiuss rocks! =D

      • Tay Tay

        I thought that was the guy from Mortal Kombat with the gas mask

        • Mickey

          I thought it was that guy from Hell Boy

  • aggie11

    Where does anyone get off saying these are wallpaper sized? Hi-res doesn't mean what it used to 8 years so.

  • -KhmerStory-

    #14 Never thought I could like maths.

    • Matt

      Your first fail is that you call it maths. It's math.

  • Teresa Rebecca Cunningham

    Most of these aren't abnormally large photos. #1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19 are DRAWINGS.

    • icya

      Thanks, we can all sleep better tonight now that you've pointed that out.

    • Nick Joubert

      You're point being what exactly??….

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #8 luchador mask, baseball bat, riding a rocket propelled tiger? that is pure awesome!

    • patov40

      No matter what you do, you'll never be this awesome!

    • Foley

      That's my brother! An amazing surprise especially since I'm several thousand miles away at the moment.

    • quintus

      I know how much you like lightning, so when I saw this I thought of you. #11

      Does that mean I chive too much?

      • xXbeermonkeyXx

        no, it means you are awesome my friend
        you really know me, i do like lightning a lot #11

  • captainkickass

    #5 forever alone ,all nerds are.

  • Gwillickers


    Looks like Link had is own Tripod already

  • Cristi_P

    A very good selection 😀 That ball of string in #6 is priceless.

  • Ingemar

    abnormally-large-photo?? They are not large enough for use as wallpaper on my iMac!?!?

  • The Bandit

    #3 …this is AWESOME…even that annyoing "Hey Listen" Navi is there! Great….

  • Dante

    post a bigger version of #14 so that we can zoom in to see the digits…

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