Sports moustaches (29 Photos)

via Sports Illustrated.

  • Royce

    #4 Gotta love the classic handlebar.

    • dub

      I think you may have just found my friend's real dad…

      • r@f

        i was gonna say Brian Wilson but I forgot it's about the 'stache.

    • D'oh

      Hipsters need to give it back to Rollie and apologize.

    • dalexmu

      Rollie Fingers… gotta love his name

    • David Cassidy

      shoulda used a pic in a Brewers uniform.

  • Matt

    running out of ideas for posts?

    • Hank Scorpio

      This post is awesome. If all I want to do is look at girls the other 90% of the internet is available.

      • Matt

        oh so it's girls or facial hair for you. Sounds like exciting times.

        • Observation

          Agree, this was kind of weird. It's some sort of hipster post or maybe it was meant for the Berry or something.

          • @The_Scofield_

            Yeah, I kinda have to agree. This is not awesome. If I wanna see a rockin mustache, I'll look in the mirror. Boo Yah.

          • kbk

            sucks waste of time

  • Edward

    Free rides!!!

    • Polonuts


  • Ron Shodes

    Jason Giambi not Gimabi

    • Ha.Ha.

      doesn't matter

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #12 sorry this is thew worst mustache in history!!!!

    • dub

      It's actually just the dude. Larry Bird was unfortunate enough to be born with the face of a lesbian.

      • LeMac

        If Paul McCartney were a mustachioed lesbian

      • zacherias

        lmao soo truee

    • Captnjack

      No, the worst is Sidney Crosby's attempted playoff beard, which pretty much only consists of a thin 'stache.

  • caleb

    #29 His game's about as good as his dirty stache. You suck Morrison.

    • Shaun McCauley


  • Ha.Ha.

    #29 – I don't think Adam Morrison's "mustache" qualifies…

    • Lumpy

      I think it was a joke…

    • 340Swinger

      It took me a minute to place his face with a name. Ever since high school my buddies and I always referred to him as "Crust-stache".

  • LeMac

    I was wondering why some of these are on here, like #29 and I was going to say the same for #6 but then I noticed that the rest of that guy's face is one giant threat

    • zacherias

      i dare you to tell randy johnson his mustache isnt worthy to his face. see how long you live…

  • J-Ho

    No Don Mattingly? No Dale Earnhardt?

    • Jak

      Turning left isn't a sport…although Earnhardt Sr. was the man!

      • dub

        Because he turned left best? I don't follow.

  • Chad

    NO BUTKUS????

    • GreyGhost9

      They have managed to miss the 3 of the greatest mustaches in Chicago History. Mike Ditka, Phil Jackson, Joel Quennville.

  • mattythegooch

    #4 – Rollie was Pre-Hipster……….post nickel moustache rides.

    • Sterling Crawford

      So you're saying he did it before AND after it was cool? Wow, he is like the hipster messiah.

      • mattythegooch

        He is an enigma, wrapped in polyster, wrapped in grooming pomade!!!!

    • F. Gump

      I pretty sure Rollie gave more than a few nickel mustache rides in his day.

  • ilovethechive

    Brian "Nosole" Orosco vs. #4

  • Chris Barks

    #1 Winner hands down! Lanny did and will always keep it real! Great topic- Chive On!

  • SteelCityGuy

    I don't whether to run from #1 or try to kill it with fire. Either way, epic stache.

    • dub

      "I have the weirdest boner right now"

  • maggiemay13

    #29 I remember watching him play last year, that stache would haunt my dreams.

    • Kelsey

      That's a straight up trash-stache look.

  • BoobieWatcher

    Bitches love the stache, unfortunately inmates do too…PRISON PUSSY!!!!

    • Travis

      Your profile pic reminds me of that creature in Pan's Labyrinth

  • dub

    These are photos.

  • thom

    I bet you could find a bunch in the WNBA.

  • dorkfish


  • big_hairy_si

    What about Merv Hughes? That was a 'tache of power!!

    • Mr_Clapp

      and boonie. Two of the finest mo's in sporting history.

  • nixt3r

    Good, no Michael Jordan moustache gaffes. Looking forward to the inevitable Worst Moustaches in Sports post. 😀

  • mickdeck

    #20 Goose Gossage in a Padres uniform and not a Yankees uniform? You're doing it wrong. And where's Thurman Munson?

    • Pat

      Fuck yeah! Thurman was my favorite … (30+ years ago…)

  • dOOb

    sports figure or not… where the fuck is Magnum PI???

    • guest

      Burt Reynolds

  • bclark

    Plus Ditka and Schmidt

  • whodoeshethinkheis?

    I'm Keith Hernandez! #13

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