Some graffiti that even your parents might appreciate (32 Photos)

  • cowboycarym

    HA!! FIRST!!

    • efer

      damn. well done. fuck all the haters. they can go fap to LG's skinny big-foot ass.

      • varlotto

        If people didn't hate people that said first so much people would say first so much

    • GernBlansten

      Ha! Douche.

    • Coldzilla

      Finally something to put on the résumé!

  • efer


    • GernBlansten

      Don't worry, it's that new math.

      • Obviously


    • Steve

      Good luck with this. I had my ass handed to me for attempting a "first" on the "inspiration" comments. Here's hoping people have already used up all their hatred for one day.

      • Actually...

        Why do you think your garbage "first" comment would be appreciated? You have nothing intelligent to say beside "first@!"?

  • cmonstur

    #29… why? 😦

    • teh_shard

      Mr. Jelly doesn't need a reason.

    • Miracool

      You really had to ask ??… Now you'll have to check under the bed when you go to sleep, sowwiee ;/
      ps: goodluck

  • Htisss

    #12 Sounds kinky…

    • SparklingNipples

      We might get to figure out what happens when you choke a smurf… (My name is still less gay than twilight.)

    • Is it weird?

      It made my dick twitch.

  • GernBlansten

    You should check out some of the stuff in Brighton, UK. Aside from the obligatory Banksy stuff, there are some amazing random wall murals all over town.

  • Derbymon

    The Last First!

  • Phil McKracken

    #2 Incredible!

  • Doug

    People who say "first" are assholes!

    • dub

      You are an asshole by your own definition, Sir.

    • steve

      people who say people that say first are asshole's

    • Coldzilla

      What about people who post comments in hopes of getting thumbs ups?


      • Doug

        Well played sir!

  • Cat

    #2 awesome job ..

  • quintus

    #10. Yes, yes you are.

  • walkingtheriver

    #32 My brain had to register that first, nice one xD

    • Sick

      My favorite by far

  • AssClown

    #29 That's me!!!

  • AkisGeo

    #2 is EPIC!

  • deleted4371007

    I been writing for for 10 years. Graffiti artists unite. #5 is awesome. #2 is the best.. Art is not a crime folks

    • LuvH8fulChix

      Not if you own the medium, or have permission to change it.

      • Munk85

        Quick to judge. I've done hundreds of pieces with permission, but before anyone gets noticed ya gotta do it illegally. That's how the culture works. Haters will hate, but it helped me get through college. Art isn't a crime..peace.

    • PieceofMind

      You must have written "for" quite a few times by now then…

      • LuvH8fulChix

        Ha. Completely overlooked that. Nice catch.

      • Munk85

        Ha, grammar nazis. It's the little things that people always bitch about. It was typed not written..huge different pal.

        • LuvH8fulChix

          It was a small mistake that performed an interesting technical diversion of meaning. It's okay to find joy in little things like that. It's also okay to laugh at yourself sometimes.

          Watch this: LuvH8fulChix is an annoying idiot who underanalyzes his core beliefs.

          Ouch. Nevermind.

    • walkingtheriver

      Did you check what the law says about graffiti recently? Because to my knowledge, it is indeed crime…

      • Munk85

        typical anti-graffiti comments. I've been paid to do it. Put me through college. I've done it illegally no big deal. A lot of places in Chicago where I am from didn't give a shit..hell we made the city look much better

        • walkingtheriver

          Omg you're so cool! I don't care what you stand for a whatever, but if you ever 'paint' my house to make it 'look better', I'll fucking kill you

          • Munk85

            If you don't care..why post a comment? I deleted my comment because it was a bit off topic. Anyways, why would I paint to paint your house? I'm not a painter. The places I've hit up in Chicago were mainly in terrible areas that the city didn't give a shit about. The only side that gave a shit was the loop and northside ..go figure..the rich areas. Thanks for threatening me though. I could contact my lawyer, call the local police in your area, but what's the point? Peace bitch

            • LuvH8fulChix

              Dude. He's expressing himself. You can't stop him!

              Oh wait, that only applies to you. Hypocrite.

      • Nefarious

        yes, its a crime according to the goverment, but is it morally wrong when used right? no. dont always believe something is wrong just because its illegal… dont just look at things the way the government wants you to see them…
        theres also a big difference in the way people go about doing graffiti… some just write quick, trashy looking tags, or bombs (big bubble letters) trying to get reputation… which might involve ruining peoples property, or writing on places that are sacred to people, such as temples, or mosques… and then theres the type that embraces the artistic side. these people do it either to be just beautiful art, or to get people to question everything they see around them… an example of one of these is banksy.

    • StreetArtist

      You're right, art is not a crime, and neither is painting a fence – as long as it's YOUR fence and/or you have permission to do so!
      To apply paint to a wall that doesn't belong to you, yes – that IS a crime, and arguing with the judge who sentences you for vandalism by telling him, "But your honor, I drew a pretty picture!" isn't going to help your case.

      Now Trolls, this isn't to say that I think all the images posted here today are vandalism, because I don't, so cool your thumbing-down. I cannot say if any of these are or are not and who cares now anyway … look at the pictures and enjoy 🙂

      • Munk85

        Best comment against me today.

    • Travis

      It is if you deface private and public property

      • Munk85

        Well, considering I got hired as a graphic designer…because of it..not a big deal pal

    • Actually...

      When I paint a picture on top of your car please don't be upset. It's art…

      • Munk85

        I don't drive a car asshole. I have a bike..feel free…i have all sorts of stickers on it

        • dave

          You are not everyone. Your feelings towards property are not necessarily held by everyone else, yet your logic only makes sense if everyone else thinks like you. So, you either don't give a shit about other people, or assume you know what's best for them, even if they vehemently protest otherwise.

          I definitely agree that *not all* art is a crime, but if a crime is committed in the execution of art, then that specific piece of art is indeed a crime. It's strange you need that explained to you, seeing as you went to college and haven't died of asphyxiation yet.

    • guilli

      #2 is the Fresque du petit-champlain in Québec City 😉

    • MonkeyMadness

      You're right, art is not a crime. Vandalism is. Let me spray paint your car and see how you feel aobut art. I'm just expressing myself. You can't stop me.

      • Munk85

        You're right. I can't. What I do is just freedom of expression.. don't like it Americans… burn the fuckin constitution

        • LuvH8fulChix

          I have to confess I don't understand this logic.

          Expressing onesself IS a wonderful freedom. If you were contracted to do it, man, that's even better. However, people do enjoy the right to personal property. If one wishes to alter someone else's personal property to express themselves, it had better be done with permission. If someone wanted to paint a really awesome picture on my house, I do have the right to stop them if I don't want it there, or if I don't think its awesome.

        • English

          Hint; private property is also protected under the constitution.

  • Brandi Froggett Wilson

    Really DON'T like #4!!!

    • LuvH8fulChix

      Thank you, Brandi.

    • The_Dood

      It doesn't necessarily mean that it's true, although I bet this is metaphorically accurate in some countries. Just think of it as food for thought.

      • Rod

        Like someone said before, all murderers…..this proves it

        • The_Dood

          Wait, what?

        • MonkeyMadness

          Proves what?? Oh, I see what you did there. Some vandal paints a cartoon on a wall and that's all the proof you need? Chive on.

    • Actually...

      I do appreciate the people who protect us but I don't agree with many of the wars the United States has been in. Either way there have been soldiers that somehow manage to rationalize it, and I'm sure their own thoughts didn't have much to do with their rationalizations but more of what they have been told think.

      • Tiredoffalseelitists

        Don't assume that people who serve are stupid or somehow less than you because they recognize something larger than themselves, and that the sheep sometimes need a wolfhound. Just because you aren't willing to lay your life on the line for anything doesn't mean that anyone who does so is "rationalizing" what you consider a stupid/wrong choice.

        • modiggs

          anytime you have to kill someone else there's a fundamental problem with shit I don't blame soliders on either side the military or governments I just see it as a huge waste of human potential can't we all just get along?

        • M.O.T.

          Well done, he came up with a concise, intelligent arguement and you chose to ignore it completely. Soldiers are by no means brainless or evil, but they should think about what they're really fighting for before signing up for a needless war and then claiming they're defending something.

  • Ilya Josefson

    Took me waaaaay too long to get #32. But I'm ok with that.

  • The_Marc

    #12 She'll smurf you…right in the smurfin mouth…

    • DrROBOTO

      smurf yea!

  • specv44

    #26 Sick!

  • Bless1

    #2- bad ass.

  • PopcornFarts


    I get so discouraged when I see all those shitty "Tags" and mindless scribbles in the city.
    Seeing something as beautiful as number 2 is so refreshing!

    • Munk85

      tags are much different than this. take a fucking education course on graffiti before you judge bitch

  • name here

    Uh I'm pretty sure my parents would still hate this stuff.

    This stuff is something only younger generations will appreciate.

    • grrregg

      Well, I have to disagree with your last sentence. Any age can appreciate art. There are idiots in every generation. My favorite, which is appropriate with my age, #7. Still love Jimi. Also loved #5, #2 and #32 and #26. Awesome work.

      • Munk85

        graffiti has been around before your jesus was born. it's natural. deal with it

    • Bill57

      I disagree, being 57 I appreciate this art the only problem is eventually it will be lost, if all of these were on canvas they could be kept forever. Fine art is a terrible thing to waste

  • misschris

    #14 And I'm all out of bubblegum

  • Mike

    If you think about it, I'm pretty sure the pac-man in #25 is fucked

  • gifted_beatnik

    #23 who they gonna call…to clean that mess up.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #2 is impressive, to say the least! The detail and time that went into this – it's amazing!

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